Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria (Case 352): Premier Andrews was involved in torture & attempted murder of me in UK on 4 September 2009 to try and stop my amending County Court Order in Victoria to end state sponsored crime of ‘adoption’ (16.07.2020)







I am the case that proves Premier Andrews doesn’t care about other ‘natural born’ Australian citizens and particularly those who are female children or adult women, being blacklisted, exiled, tortured or murdered in Australia or elsewhere.


My own personal view of Premier Andrews is he is a coward, who I would never trust, now or ever.


A jury would agree my unprecedented case proves the crime of ‘adoption’ is legally unsustainable, because the starting point is a politician doesn’t care about the physical or emotional abuse of vulnerable children who can’t vote, because politicians primary interest above all else is votes.


I am a natural born Australian citizen just like Premier Andrews, so I know his bogus inquiries are only all about his own ego, which he puts before the lives of Australian citizens, and particularly vulnerable children, and women.


There is no evidence of Premier Andrews ever caring about or trying to help people who as children were adversely affected by the crime of ‘adoption’ while the evidence is the reverse is true, because I was… unknowingly maliciously targeted, by a political opportunist I do not even know, who has in my case, only abused their political power for personal financial gain.


Of course, the incontrovertible evidence is there is not a single thing that Premier Andrews has done to help me amend my County Court Order since I returned to Melbourne, Victoria… a year ago.


The reason Andrews has not helped me is because legal records prove the same people who were involved in my High Court Order in the UK from April 2008 (that I now know include Premier Andrews in his previous incarnation as Minister of Health and Leader of the Labor Party in Victoria) because they covered up the life threatening attack on me on 17 August 2007, were involved in the torture and attempted murder of me on 4 September 2009.


The only way it was possible for the torture and attempted murder of me to… happen on 4 September 2009 in the UK, was because Premier Andrews et al had employed Sir Ken Jones as the DAC in Victoria… knowing I… already had a High Court Order from April 2008 in the UK.


I am aware the British government was witnessed claiming in Southwark Crown Court in 2009, that another British police officer called O’Corcoran who was involved in another case involving the torture of me in 2008 (which the police officer boasted he did because he was told he would be promoted to the armed police) ’emigrated’ to Australia, to avoid prosecution.


Premier Andrews et al are clearly also legally liable for all my lawsuits in the UK like HQ12X0354 etc.


The facts over the years show, it was always about trying to stop my amending the County Court Order in the State of Victoria, to end the crime of ‘adoption’ which is why I was blacklisted in Australia as a teenager and then in the UK as an adult, because I refused to join the British and Australian intelligence services or military who posed as my parents and godparents, so they could stop me amending the County Court Order.


The man who posed as my godfather was Director General of ASIO in 1984 when he was involved in bogus legislation in Australia to try and maliciously mislead people over amending County Court Orders, for the blatantly obvious reason he didn’t want a civil jury etc.


The reason the Labour party did a switch of their leadership on 23 June 2010 in Australia, after I legally began blowing the whistle on the witness stand in the High Court in the UK on 21st June 2010 (before I was illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010) was because Rudd was involved in the torture and attempted murder of me too (that had also involved the illegal use of a growing undercover operation, that it had already been admitted in court twice in 2007 illegally involved the use of Special Branch too).


The Labour party however in the State of Victoria who were also involved and included Premier Andrews, were ‘hidden’ in full view, because it is my County Court Order in the State of Victoria they were hiding.


It is a legal impossibility to deny the factual timeline that involve published 'high profile' legal cases etc etc.


I do obviously have a completely different ‘lived experience’ of ‘discrimination’ etc my entire life compared to Premier Andrews, because of that arbitrary County Court Order from 28 May 1963.


Premier Andrews has profited from indulging his own ego, while I have lived a lifelong human struggle to try and make the peace and harmony of the rule of law, real.


He never cared about my having the human right of shelter, and he is legally responsible for my getting scurvy in France, because of course I do now know beyond all reasonable doubt, he didn’t want me to amend my County Court Order in Victoria, Australia.


I was obviously seriously disadvantaged and easy prey for predators because the crime of ‘adoption’ that caused my prolonged PTSD I have had since I was a child, meant I did not even have any support as a child to learn about or have the ‘self awareness’ I am only now beginning to have as an adult, that means I can begin to fully see and understand what has been happening beyond the ‘fog of war’ which in my case would be difficult for anyone even if they did not have PTSD as a child or adult.


The reactionary reality of PTSD that engulfs a person, means it is difficult for someone with PTSD to fully process what has happened to them, with the full and proper clarity and context, because the mind has its own way of managing trauma, and what in my own case has been repeatedly trauma through my life. The fact I am now beginning to have ’self awareness’ means I am able to see more clearly, which is still difficult despite the ‘realignment’ of fragmented memory which provides a greater clarity, because what has happened to me throughout my entire life, is still so horrific to try and comprehend etc. 


It is essential to end the crime of ‘adoption’ because vulnerable children must be genuinely protected with easily identifiable checks and balances and safeguards that do not currently exist, and cannot be reliant on the revolving doors of ‘politics’ whose primary interest is adult votes, not the rule of law.


Premier Andrews would never have helped me if I was a child.


The fact Premier Andrews has never helped and will never actively try and help me as an adult, does not change he remains legally responsible to right the historical wrong of the crime of ‘adoption’ in my case, in the here and now.


This means Premier Andrews is legally obliged to co-operate with my amending my County Court Order now, without his further obstructing the administration of justice, which I… already know he could never explain to any civil jury, because he cannot even explain or justify his actions to me.


There is no evidence of Premier Andrews who has only ever been a political opportunist. denying he is now the only reason I do not have my stamped copy of my ten amendments in my County Court Order etc now.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat.