Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria: Premier Andrew's bogus inquiries hide identifiable pre-existing ‘conflicts of interest’ in trying to stop ten amendments in ‘Hotel California’ Case 352 in County Court that will end crime of ’adoption’ (15.07.2020)


Premier Andrews has no plausible deniability, he is illegitimate, because the incontrovertible evidence is he only started his own bogus inquiries to try and hide his… pre-existing conflicts of interest, to illegally try & stop ten amendments in my ‘Hotel California’ Case 352 in County Court that will end politically motivated crime of ‘adoption’ and s44(i) of Australian Constitution for the benefit of everyone.



... there was already my 'hotel california' case 352 in the county court of victoria... the premier and justice who have identifiable pre-existing politically motivated 'conflicts of interest' do not speak for and instead of me about... anything...




There has never been any due process in the politically motivated crime of ‘adoption’ used against children because the self serving revolving doors of the political classes et al only care about a political vote in the here and now.


It is a matter of fact, Andrews was the corrupt Health Minister in Victoria when he employed and worked with Sir Ken Jones from ACPO in the UK, in Victoria, to try and hide my High Court Order from April 2008 in London, that would end their ‘careers’ because of the illegal use of life threatening... violence against me.


He has... already intended to cause life threatening physical and emotional harm, to a ’natural born’ Australian citizen who is a dual national, to try and illegally stop my amending a County Court Order in the 'Hotel California' Case 352.


His subsequent bogus inquiries, are illegal, because they are only intended to improperly keep him in political power including through the improper use and control of health services.


The legal reality is Premier Andrews and Justice Coates do not speak for me or instead of me, because I already have pre-existing legal proceedings in which they both have clearly identifiable politically motivated ‘conflicts of interest’ while I have always also been legally entitled to a… jury, if necessary, because of course the Judiciary are anything but independent. 


Neither are entitled to public funding for their bogus inquiry.


It is a fact the State of Victoria illegally used County Court Orders with the intention of permanently quarantining children from our entire families, to deprive us of any right to a family life etc etc.  


The whole purpose of my amending my own County Court Order in the 'Hotel California' Case 352 is so that I can as has always been my legal right, make my own informed choices and decisions free from wholly improper political influence etc, just like everyone else should be able to do too.


There is no tenable legal excuse as to why I do not have a stamped copy of my amended County Court Order in the here and now, so I can build a safe and sustainable life, that does not involve putting my trust in politicians !! et al.


I am... already legally entitled to a stamped copy of my amended County Court Order now, in longstanding legal proceedings, in which I... already reasonably claim my consultation fees and the excess costs, including of my choice of travel and accommodation, from the State of Victoria.


There is obviously no inquiry of any kind that can change my... existing long standing legal proceedings.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat