Donna Bugat: A multicultural community based Covid 19 testing team in Melbourne (08.07.2020)







I know the public have lots of ideas on how to help with the current pandemic, because most people always want to do their best to try and help each other and keep safe.


The government could help in the Covid 19 recovery by for example giving multicultural young people from overseas with work visas the opportunity of an exemption from farm work if they cannot find any at the moment, and an extension for their second year, through young people on working visas helping in the re-opening.


The young people on overseas work visas who are fit and healthy, could be paid to work in teams doing testing across the Melbourne Metropolitan area (with vans to pick up and drop off teams from different areas) which would also help health professionals and others return to their normal places of employment, so health settings are properly staffed.


The young people, would need to be given proper training and support from across the range of health services, to help make the scheme successful. 


One benefit of such a community based scheme is that it would help young people from overseas on their working holidays stay in Australia, while involving and including them in the recovery and re-opening, along with Australian citizens.




A community based team of young people, like for example young people on working visas, would help people from all walks of life, because the multicultural young people on working visas also have an advantage in being able to speak a wide range of languages too, and just like anyone else, want to help.


The government would have to ensure that anyone who tests positive but doesn’t have anywhere to isolate, has somewhere safe to stay.


If such a scheme works in a metropolitan area like Melbourne, it could be used to help identify and work with clusters or outbreaks anywhere, because no-one knows at the moment if and when a safe vaccine, that would work for everyone, will be found etc.


In any event most people know there needs to be more work done globally on building greater resilience in community systems, regarding pandemics, to help keep borders open for families and economies. 


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat.