Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria in Case 352 from 28 May 1963: I peacefully invite ACA to respect my rights & rights of all vulnerable children who should never be exploited by disproportionate false imprisonment of 'adoptions' anywhere (07.07.2020)



The global political classes trade... children without any legal safeguards whatsoever for the children.




Australian Central Authority,






Thank you for your email dated 07.07.2020.





I am as you are aware, legally entitled to ‘amend’ my own County Court Order from 28 May 1963, which I am also doing to stop and retrospectively remedy, the global practise of ‘adoptions’ which I do know from my own ‘lived experience’ are clearly disproportionate, false imprisonments of vulnerable children.


It is true that sadly Australia has always had an obsession with falsely imprisoning… children, which the UN quango have of course, always been wholly complicit in.


I am a responsible parent myself, and unlike the people who posed as my parents and godparents from the highest echelons of the British & Australian intelligence services, I have always considered my own role as a parent, as having the responsibility to be a guardian of my two sons and their rights which are absolutely equal to mine, because I do not own them, and nor does anyone else. 


In practise, parents generally put the needs and rights of children first.


We are all equal within the natural autonomy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, which is different from legislation etc.


My easily understood amendment properly asserts, the only genuinely proportionate interference in the lives of vulnerable children removed from their entire families for any reason, that is legally possible, is for the child to have a responsible… guardian of any race, religion or sexual orientation who does not hide the child’s identity and culture from them, but works with the child and courts to provide the wrap around care that best helps to protect vulnerable children which begins with fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover that comes with… guaranteed legal representation.


A responsible guardian, just like any parent, has the most important role there is, in respectfully teaching a child how to live within a ‘window of tolerance’ that has safe and sustainable boundaries built on trust.


The truth is I would have been perfectly happy (if I had needed an alternative to my own parents, which I didn't) to have had a responsible guardian who was a drag queen (who btw are brilliant with make-up which is not one of my skills) although I am straight myself, because it is not about the race, religion or sexual orientation of the adult guardian, but about their respectfully building a 'window of tolerance' that has safe and sustainable boundaries that can only be built on trust.


Of course, there is no legal reason guardians cannot share their own citizenships if that suits the best interests of a child.


I peacefully invite you to respect my rights and the rights of all vulnerable children who should never be exploited by the disproportionate false imprisonment of adoptions, anywhere.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat.