Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria, Australia: I am peacefully asserting my right to ‘self determination’ by ‘amending’ County Court Order dated 28 May 1963 (& s44 (i) of Australian Constitution to stop forced 'removal' of natural born Australian citizens from Australia etc etc) (06.07.2020)






1. I am peacefully asserting my right to ‘self determination’ by ‘amending’ the County Court Order number 352 dated 28 May 1963, so it properly records, I am a ‘natural born’ Australian citizen named Donna Bugat who was born on 10 February 1962 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


The sole intention of the original County Court Order was to forever make me unequal before any and all law.


The original disproportionate County Court Order was obviously unlawful because without any checks and balances and safeguards, it was an abuse of process that removed any and all basic rights from me as a ’natural born’ Australian child and citizen.


I was not provided with any necessary information in a timely manner, so I could make an informed decision to ‘amend’ the Court Order.


The fact a Court Order existed was hidden from me !! by the people from the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services, who posed as my parents and godparents, and the State of Victoria.


I was arbitrarily imprisoned as a child by a Court Order, made behind closed doors in a secret trial when I had no legal representation, which resulted in my never being consulted or even told the Court Order existed, despite the adults who did this, all having, by comparison, an entourage of legal representation of their own.


It is a very serious global miscarriage of justice.


... the UN quango have always been complicit...


I have the necessary ‘locus standii’ to assert my right to ‘self determination’ and ‘amend’ the Court Order, so that I can, to the best of my ability, put a legal process in place, so that I (along with anyone else adversely affected by the Court Orders arbitrarily imposed on them as children) have the opportunity of a safe and sustainable future.


The elected or unelected public officials in the State of Victoria in Australia or elsewhere, do not speak for or instead of me, because their experience is different to mine.


My amendments to my court Order which can only be changed through a civil jury, or any other dispute resolution only I can choose, will be kept by a) the County Court in the State of Victoria in Australia, and b) Parliament House in the State of Victoria in Australia, along with c) the ‘Central Authority’ in Australia, and d) the High Court in London in the UK (my High Court Order from April 2008 can be used) along with e) the ECHR, none of whom consulted with me, because they did all know there never has been any legal process that would have needed to begin by guaranteeing children legal representation, so we were at all times, properly informed and consulted.


The new process of my ‘amending’ the Court Order, which is intended to empower me, means I am legally entitled to notify of any amendments to my Court Order, I am making, to the County Court in the State of Victoria in Australia, by a phone call or email from me, giving 48 hours notice of any changes I may deem necessary.'s not really a 'hilarious irony'... the political classes have been trading children forever...


The County Court in the State of Victoria is then legally obliged to notify the State of Victoria in Australia et al of any amendments, that can only be challenged by a peaceful ‘dispute resolution’ of my choice.


The County Court in the State of Victoria in Australia can ask for a signed copy of my amendments, from me, that the County Court would have to pay for and facilitate me with the opportunity to provide.


2. I and my two sons (who are Australian citizens by descent) who were born in the UK and New Zealand (I was married in New Zealand, divorced in the UK and my home is in France) will keep and maintain our accrued rights (incl. as dual nationals through my birth, forced adoption, marriage, divorce and exile) to live where we live and have lived so we have a safe and sustainable future.


3. My little sister Jennifer Bugat was born on 4 September 1964 and died on 10 September 2000 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


4. The fact terror… literally sickens me, means I suffer through no fault of my own, from the prolonged dysregulation of PTSD and related auto-immune illnesses etc etc.


The single biggest obstacle to overcome is being able to trust medical professionals.


I have learned that medical professionals who do genuinely want to help understand the difficulties, so they do try and work with you to help and encourage you in sensible ways to try and make you feel as safe and as comfortable as possible, because they do want your health to improve. 


5. My amending the Court Order to assert my right to ‘self-determination’ along with my first amendment to s44 (i) of the Australian Constitution which means dual national Australian citizens can now stand in Australian politics, will be on the court record in the County Court in Victoria, Australia, and in Parliament House in the State of Victoria in Australia.


6. I should have had the necessary support from the State of Victoria, while I was in my own home in France, to amend the Court Order, that had never been discussed with me, that I did not even know existed !!


The State of Victoria in Australia, were legally obliged to provide me as an Australian natural born citizen, with over 55 housing in Victoria, Australia, because it is entirely the political classes fault, I am not currently living in my own modest home in France, which is what I still do want to do too.


The fact stability (which is something I have never felt or had except briefly in my own home in France) is so important for my physical and emotional health, means I am not legally obliged to keep changing my life to suit the whims of the revolving doors of the political classes et al.


The State of Victoria should really be providing free housing in Australia, for all Australian citizens adversely affected by ‘forced adoptions’ who want it, because people have been very seriously disadvantaged by not having legal or political representation as children.


I hope that my peacefully amending the County Court Order will, by empowering me, bring a constructive new balance to my own life so that I can enjoy sharing my future between Australia and France.


7. The Court Order made against me as a child who is and was a ‘natural born’ Australian citizen on 28 May 1963 did illegally allow a foreign citizen who posed as my mother, but was not my parent, to 'remove' me from Australia at any time, without my ever having any legal representation and without the knowledge of my own parents or any other family members, which is essentially what did happen to me. 


The State of Victoria did not ask the person who posed as my mother to give up her foreign citizenship that on the face of it, with no knowledge of my own parents, of itself, was also another barrier to my standing in Australian politics, so the State of Victoria was happy to offload a child who was a ’natural born’ Australian citizen, to any stranger, anywhere in the world.


The overwhelming fact is s44 (i) of the Australian Constitution is amended by my Court Order because it is a legal impossibility for any politician or court to deny my experience of forcibly having my identity changed as a child without my consent, harmed me.


I am not amending s44(i) of the Australian Constitution to help existing politicians, but to help those who may aspire to be politicians in the future.


The State of Victoria allowed foreign citizens who were not the parents of 'natural born' Australian citizens, to 'remove' Australian citizens from Australia including while we were children, without the knowledge of our parents or any other family members, and regardless of the citizenship/s of our own parents.


I was first taken overseas in 1966/67 (when we stayed at the house in Beaconsfield, in the UK, while my brother from another mother and father and myself, were taken by the person who posed as my mother, to Buckingham Palace to meet the British Queen, which must be where my brother from a different mother and father and myself, caught chicken pox)


The different treatment of a female natural born Australian citizen like myself, who had my identity forcibly changed as a child, and a foreign born male Australian citizen like the Belgian Matthias Corman who has been grandstanding as an Australian politician since 2007, while knowing he was able to get his Belgian citizenship and ‘dual nationality’ back since 2008 so he could also stand in Belgian politics and elsewhere in the European Union too, whenever he feels like, could not be more different.


My personal view is the only lawful ‘wrap around’ care that can genuinely help to protect children who are vulnerable because they are removed from their parents and every other member of their family, for any reason, is a guardian (of any race, religion or sexual orientation) who must use the courts while providing fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover for the child that comes with legal representation for that child.


8. I am claiming my ‘consultation’ fee of $2,088,000 payable now and an annual ‘consultation’ fee of $36,000 (that will rise according to the cost of living) as a ‘free agent’ called a ‘McKenzie friend’.


The State of Victoria is legally obliged to pay the sums into the County Court in the State of Victoria who are legally obliged to pay the sums to me now. 


9. I confirm this statement is true.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat