Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria: I am peacefully asserting my right to ‘self determination’ by ’amending’ County Court Order in Case 352 from 28 May 1963 in County Court of Victoria (01.07.2020)





Thank-you for your recent correspondence on 25th & 29th June 2020.


I am peacefully asserting my right to ‘self determination’ by ‘amending’ the County Court Order in Case 352 from 28 May 1963 in the County Court of Victoria.


The reason I am ‘amending’ rather than ‘revoking’ the Court Order from 28 May 1963 is because I cannot pretend history did not happen, but I can however try and build a safe and sustainable… future through the best legal compromise I know of, to try and protect myself and my two sons which is most important to me.


It is self evident I do not need anyone else’s ‘permission’ to have my own name and choose my own religion in what is naturally a multicultural world.


1. There is no legally or morally identifiable difference between adults from the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents (who were married in Hong Kong Cathedral and lived on Victoria Peak) and godparents and the ‘unknown assailant’ successive British governments illegally refused to identify, over his life threatening violent attack on me on 17 August 2007 (HQ12X03564 in the High Court of London)


2. I do not personally recognise the Hague Convention 1995 which in it’s current form is illegitimate and unlawful because it is disproportionate, so politicians everywhere could amend that too, so there are guaranteed legal rights for vulnerable children.


3. The one thing the people who posed as my parents and godparents did not want is for me to have my true identity of Donna Bugat, for the obvious reasons.


There was not a single Italian person (except for me) in the entire social circle of the people who posed as my parents and godparents.


The birth certificate of my little sister called Jennifer Bugat who was born on 4 September 1964 before she ’suddenly’ died on 10 September 2000 is to be added to my Case 352.


The people who posed as my parents (who I was told are now dead) who so obviously never cared about me in any way, said to my face, when my little sister died that “something good might come from her death”. They knew they were saying something they would never have repeated in the County Court of Victoria, let alone before a civil jury. I am however putting what they said on the court record, because it is not something a reasonable, rational and responsible caring adult would say.


The people who posed as my parents also ’forgot’ I have two beautiful sons too.


4. A guardian (of any race, religion or sexual orientation) is the only legally acceptable form of carer for a vulnerable child removed from their own family for any reason (so the child’s identity including name and any dual nationality cannot be arbitrarily changed and or hidden, although other nationalities/citizenships can be joined/added) with the guardian having to use a recognised court, while providing fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover that comes with legal representation so that a safe and sustainable wrap around package is established to best help protect the basic rights of already vulnerable children.


There should be a series of agreed physical and emotional consultations with vulnerable children by medical professionals, because people like myself from ‘forced adoptions’ never had anyone to turn to and ask for help, when we were children.


5. It’s not a ‘co-incidence’ I suffer from the prolonged physical and emotional dysregulation of PTSD and related autoimmune illnesses because my true identity was forcibly changed while I was isolated from my own family.


I am most likely to recover from overwhelming physical and emotional dysregulation when I have my true identity which is a central part of my own safe and sustainable window of tolerance, that I now know, along with my being able to properly regulate my physical and emotional health, means a future for me, which involves making my own informed decisions, is possible.


6. The children from what are always ‘forced adoptions’ are an unrecognised ‘minority’ who have historically faced uniquely complex difficulties because we are a ‘multicultural’ group who is not ‘homogenous’ in any way.


The grossly negligent medical care children from ‘forced adoptions’ once faced beggars belief, because we were illegally denied any and all medical information about our own families, while multiple children from ‘forced adoptions’ who had the same adults posing as parents, could easily be manipulated, and pressured, including to be hostile to any information to make informed choices, all while it was entirely possible to unknowingly marry related family members !


It is not children from ‘forced adoptions’ who are at ‘fault’ if we suffer from prolonged physical and emotional dysregulation like PTSD and autoimmune illnesses.


The lives of vulnerable children who have been removed from their families for any reason must be legally... separated from the revolving doors of political classes called the ‘central authority’ in the Hague Convention, because the revolving doors of political classes who are only acting in their own personal financial interest, do not really have legal 'immunity' while trading children among themselves. 


There is also an obvious legal contradiction and inconsistency in arbitrarily removing children from their own entire family only to impose strangers who falsely pose as parents without the child having any legal safeguards whatsoever, thereafter, to help protect them.


The children from ‘forced adoptions’ do have our own right to ‘self determination’.


We did not have the same opportunity as most people to participate and learn in educational subjects like history in any meaningful way, because our own history was stolen and hidden !!


When I was a teenager I was actually exempted from maths because I literally had a blank about processing numbers (that was related to extreme childhood trauma) although I do now as an adult understand the numbers in blood tests over autoimmune illnesses don’t lie, because responsible medical professionals help and support me.


The children from ‘forced adoptions’ were ‘left behind’ long before we became adults, not because we didn’t want to learn, but because adults deliberately denied us the most fundamental building blocks of knowledge across so many spheres.


I lived and worked in Central London when I was young and I was briefly engaged to a mixed race man with British Ghanian Swiss heritage who had served in the military in Northern Ireland and Germany. The fact I didn’t have my own identity was always a problem, and I certainly didn’t like living in London either during the IRA mainland bombing campaign when I witnessed the horrific Hyde Park bombing.


I can only presume the reason the people who posed as my parents and godparents etc did not inform me about the deceit of their 1984 legislation in Australia and the later Hague Convention in 1995 was because they did know (they did after all have legal representation for themselves) was it couldn’t be applied… retrospectively to cases which they would have personally considered a legal nightmare of epic proportions.


The cases involved me, and my little sister with the same DNA who ‘suddenly’ died in 2000, along with my ‘adopted’ brother with a different mother and father and his two mixed race Islander sons who ‘suddenly’ died in 1999 and 2001, before he died in 2013.


The people who posed as my parents claimed my friend’s little sister, who was recruited by the intelligence services before she resigned after returning from overseas, sadly blew her brains out with a shotgun.


The fact terror... literally sickens me, means the only sensible thing I could peacefully do after the London bombing in 2005 when one of my sons was like millions of other people travelling on the transport system on his way to work experience, was peaceful free speech in Parliament Square, Central London.


I was blacklisted and lost my job because I peacefully practised free speech, so I had to sell my home in the UK, because our civil lawsuits we never intended to accumulate, resulting from the legislative free speech ban, that disproportionately sought to criminalise peaceful dissent, were never settled.


We were nevertheless a small but very effective group because we were just the same as a civil jury really, which the political classes unfortunately do not like either.


7. My 'amending' my Court Order means I will ‘officially’ be known as Donna Bugat, and my home is in France, while I and my two sons (who are Australian citizens by descent and dual nationals who live in the UK and New Zealand, following my marriage in New Zealand to a New Zealander I was divorced from in the UK) will keep and maintain our rights to live where we live and have lived.


My 'amending' the Court Order, rather than revoking it, should also help to forestall any unforeseen problems that may arise in the future, because the fact the political classes did not give me legal representation when I was a child has caused all the problems.


I am making my own decision that my baptism certificate is null and void.


I will also now need to purchase a stable home in Australia too (because stability is extremely important for people with PTSD and autoimmune illnesses) that is separate from the bleak world in Australia, I grew up in. I can then share my time between France and Australia, because that is the healthiest choice for me, which also means I will be able to peacefully immerse myself in learning so much European and Mediterranean history in the… future.


It is self evident any stress induced adrenalin imbalance is both painful and potentially dangerous for me.


8. I am claiming from the State of Victoria, a ‘consultation’ fee of $2,088,000 payable now, plus an annual ‘consultation’ fee of $36,000 (that will increase according to the cost of living) as a 'free agent' called a ‘McKenzie friend’.


If I had really needed to be separated from my own entire family forever (which I didn’t need to be) I would have liked to have had an adult guardian (of any race, religion or sexual orientation) as a carer who actually consulted me about important decisions about my life, while teaching me about how to live in a safe space with boundaries and who and how to ask for help if I needed it.


There was too much overt, politically motivated prejudice when I was a child in Australia.


The State of Victoria are legally obliged to pay the above sums into the County Court in Victoria who I can instruct to pay the sums into my own bank account with the necessary details.


I would like to contribute to building a global, genuinely voluntary DNA bank that is totally apolitical, that works in a constructive collaboration with medical professionals, which is possible.


Most people do not want to be subjected to onerous politically motivated legal cases etc.


I respectfully observe it is possible for politicians everywhere, to constructively amend the Hague Convention too.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat