The British far from ‘Commonwealth’ trade deal ?: Australia should be emancipated from British empire's colonial relic of s44 ‘dual national’ multicultural denial that perpetuates ’politics’ of cronyism (20.06.2020)


The British far from 'Commonwealth' empire needs to take back their s44 ‘dual national’ denial of multiculturalism in Australian ‘politics’.   



Australia's long and sordid history has always involved institutionalised child abuse from the entire state apparatus, towards child 'convicts' trafficked from the UK, along with the stolen generations/forced 'adoptions'.    


The British empire’s’ far from ‘Commonwealth’ s44 ‘dual national’ denial of natural multiculturalism has entirely corrupted all levels of Australian ‘politics’ so that it can only serve and perpetuate cronyism, instead of helping to make everyone healthy and wealthy so everyone genuinely has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


The reality is s44 'dual national' multicultural denial in Australia, which is of itself cherry picking, makes 'branch stacking' among political parties which is just another symptom of s44, look like chicken feed.