Donna: My County Court Order in Case 352 is intended to protect my physical & emotional health with my true identity & multiple dual nationalities etc... across the political financial divide (18.06.2020)




... go figure... the highest echelons of the british and australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents, didn't force the name... mario, on my brother who was obviously from a different mother and father too...







My own County Court Order to overturn the abuse of procss on 28 May 1963 in Case 352 is intended to protect my physical and emotional health that I am trying to improve.


The political classes knew children should have been given the necessary information, support and legal representation to challenge Court Orders, like anyone else, a very, very, many years ago. 


The Court Order made against me was a deliberate abuse of process that recklessly intended to cause me permanent physical and emotional harm. 


It is not a co-incidence I briefly returned to Australia on 10 September 1996 to be reunited with my little sister on the same date 'One Nation' Hanson who parrots old school 'Whites Only' Australia, began her crusade, before my little sister 'suddenly' died exactly four years later.


My brother from another mother had attempted to commit suicide. 


Etc etc.


It is extremely disappointing the political classes et al (who managed to arrange their own Velvet, Iron and Ashes 'exhibition' in the State Library that publishes the name and details of the company, court documents etc show politicians and intelligence services used to launder children's identities, which is remarkably similar to Tate Britain's 'State Britain' rip-off that sought to hide my legal challenge that did successfully repeal the legislative ban on free speech in the UK) are deliberately delaying the improvement of my own physical and emotional health as an adult because I do not yet 'officially' have my true identity which is integral to improving my physical and emotional health. 


My best friend Brian who I campaigned with in the UK, who died in Bremen in Germany on 18 June 2011, set the gold standard in free speech which was something I had never known or experienced until I met him. 


In the UK, the media spin had descended to the distraction of dumping 'cables' to... hide the Court Orders that are an abuse of process that forcibly changed... children's identities, that need dumping in Australia. 


The political classes grubby fingerprints are all over the crime scene of Palace of Westminster CCTV that forced me into exile in France, because a very large police officer came up behind me and without warning, illegally grabbed me in a chokehold, while kicking my knees from under me to try and break my neck (in what was 'technically' an attempt to lynch me)


It is self evident to any competent medical professional, that it is impossible despite my own best efforts to receive the necessary medical treatment to properly assist both my physical and emotional recovery from prolonged abuse, without my 'officially' having my true identity.


I should 'officially' have my true identity by now so that is one less continuing trauma I have to deal with while engaging with medical professionals.


The massive problem... politicians have created with regard to people legally reclaiming our true identity in real time in our own real lives that are significantly different from the multiple fictions politicians have imposed, through forcibly changing our identity, create yet another barrier and disincentive that further complicates successfully engaging with medical professionals, which is already difficult because victims have been denied basic medical information about their own families that political classes have instead collected purely for their own financial interests.


It could not be clearer the real truth is the political classes still illegally actively oppose people whose identities were forcibly changed as children legally reclaiming our true identities.


Children who have had their identities forcibly changed through an abuse of process in the courts, have not been taught the words they need to learn as they grow up, so they can communicate the message they need help to stop their being exploited etc etc.


It is impossible to deny it is in the best interests of my own physical and emotional health to 'officially' have my true identity and multiple dual nationalities so I can peacefully live my own life, outside the interminable financial political divide that has caused me so much harm throughout my entire life. through absolutely no fault of my own. 


The reasonable damages I am claiming (the tax free amount of $3000 per month backdated 58 years and doubled so I can safely enjoy my 'clean break' divorce from the political classes who forced a 'clean break' on me from my family) is properly intended beyond helping me, to discourage the political classes from the incredibly cowardly practise of forcibly changing vulnerable children's identities, by making it no longer profitable or viable for politicians and big business, who are living in their own 'dual national' denial they should never arbitrarily impose on innocent and defenceless vulnerable... children !!


Any reasonable and responsible rational adult knows it is entirely... natural for human beings to be multicultural through birth, marriage, and family.


The phoney 'social experiment' about 'nature vs nurture' imposed on children whose identities had been forcibly changed, was child abuse, not science. 


I quite naturally reject the name forced on me because that was just trying to totally Britishify me in Whites Only Australia. My brother from a different mother and father too, didn't have the name Mario, forced on him. 


The unnecessary delay in legally... processing my Court Order in a timely manner is not helping to improve my physical and emotional health.


I do quite naturally find the ongoing injustice of not 'officially' having my true identity, after so many years, distressing, every single day.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat