Donna -v- State of Victoria Case 352 (17.06.20200)


I am reversing the ‘abuse of process’ of the County Court Order made against me on 28 May 1963.





The State of Victoria forcibly changed my identity to enforce a ‘clean break' from my family.


So, I am legally claiming my true identity of Donna Bugat to stop any further trauma being caused to me.


The County Court Order made against me on 28 May 1963 was an ‘abuse of process’ that was wholly disproportionate because it lacked the due process of any checks and balances and safeguards which means I could not feel and have not been safe and secure.


Any child who is removed from their family for any reason, which makes the child additionally vulnerable to adult strangers should be able to feel safe and secure with the basic minimum of fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover that any responsible state or prospective guardian should be able to provide if they genuinely have the best interests of already vulnerable children in mind.


My true identity was only really changed because that was in the financial interests of politicians and big business etc.


Therefore I am claiming the tax free sum of $3000 per month backdated for 58 years and doubled, in one lump sum payment, so that I have a ‘clean break’ from the financial interests politicians et al in the State of Victoria.


My primary intention in applying due process, giving me a financial ‘clean break’ from the State of Victoria, is also intended to discourage politicians from forcibly changing other children’s identities by doing what I can to help make it no longer financially beneficial or viable for politicians and big business to forcibly change children’s identities, because politicians and big business only care about money.


I am  also not legally obliged to ever vote for any politicians because no politician has ever helped me but have instead only actively sought to harm me.


I have actively been ‘deterred’ from returning to Australia because of the connection between politicians and senior police officers in my lawsuits in the UK.


I intend to use my tax free ‘clean break’ payment to share my time peacefully living a politician free life in my home in France, and Australia.


I shall then have a global fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover that comes with legal representation to begin to help me feel safe and secure with some process that establishes some boundaries, so I also know I can return to Australia at any time for any medical treatment of my choice too.


I am legally entitled to and will maintain my dual nationality (which legally happens to render s44 of the Australian Constitution invalid despite the reality is I do not personally wish to stand in politics and I don’t personally need dual nationality per se, to share my time between Australia and France, which I could do without dual citizenship because and while my own focus is properly on improving my own physical and emotional health after such a long and harrowing journey to legally reclaim my true identity, rather than being bothered by whatever the latest whim of politicians who come and go happens to be, which should not mean I have to continually lose or change my identity) as will my two sons who help to make the world a better place.


Kind Regards,






The Australian politicians did not help me as an Australian citizen they could and should have helped in the UK when they instead employed and incredibly offered Australian citizenship to Ken Jones from ACPO in the UK, who along with Chief Police Officers and the Home Office in the UK who funded him, were all the subject of unprecedented lawsuits from me in the UK because of their widely publicised ‘abuse of process’ towards me as an adult too !! in the UK that was about maliciously targeting me on racial grounds because they labelled me as ‘Southern European’ too.


Jones was trying to stop my original lawsuit in the UK that escalated (because there was no due process) going ahead, after he was forced to resign and ACPO had to be disbanded like Charing Cross Police. He was only able to come to Victoria because he leveraged the fact there could only have been the County Court Order against me in Victoria because there was no due process.


I was exiled from the UK because high resolution CCTV belonging to politicians from the Palace of Westminster shows the government illegally used a chokehold to try and break my neck, when they pushed my knees from under me, which was witnessed.