Donna: Re: Case 352 & UR1213856 (State & Inter-country ’Adoptions’ are unlawful because they are disproportionate arrests, malicious prosecutions and false imprisonments etc) (15.06.2020)


The Hague Convention involving ‘adoptions’ which is unlawful does not in any event ‘retrospectively’ apply to my transnational Case 352 in the County Court of Victoria from 28 May 1963.






The ‘adoptions’ are clearly unlawful because they are really disproportionate arrests, malicious prosecutions and false imprisonments resulting from arbitrary Court Orders etc.


I am unfortunately something of a unwilling ‘specialist’ in that area because I was as an adult unlawfully arrested, maliciously prosecuted and falsely imprisoned including in Holloway Prison in the UK some 48 times while peacefully repealing their free speech ban, when I spent 7 + years as a peacenik in Parliament Square in Central London.


The UK government originally tried to arbitrarily impose 'conditions' that we could only campaign with 20 people and we all had to remain ‘within 3m’ which was obviously found to be unlawful too, while they used everyone from their alphabet spaghetti of government departments against us. 


I did sadly conclusively prove the British and Australian governments always opposed my having free speech, so I could speak... for myself, so the physical and emotional abuse of me, was all the same, whether I was a child or adult.


No algorithm predicted one of the children forcibly ‘adopted’ in Australia would become a peacenik in Parliament Square in the UK, overturning legislative royalties multinational corporations pay to politicians.


The fact is I have been mistreated by medical professionals as both a child and adult, so I obviously view hospitals as prisons too.


It is well known the British and EU governments have subsequently spun politicians could use a referendum to change my and other people’s identities once again, without our consent, while I was exiled in France, between 2013 -2019, which is where my home is, which is also within the EU and their Hague Convention on inter-country ‘adoptions’. 


The Australian government has never cared about my health regardless of whether I was a child or adult.


I am sure a civil jury in Australia will view a proper process of legally reclaiming my true identity in the County Court of Victoria, should be similar to an amicable divorce, rather than another David and Goliath struggle with a government, because there has never been any due process.


(It is unlikely the signatories to the Hague Convention will join themselves in my legal proceedings as interested parties, but my long standing transnational case is inevitably a legal precedent)





1. I am confused why St Vincent’s contacted me this morning regarding an appointment on 22 June 2020, I did not make, so it would help if the hospital can advise who did make the appointment without my knowledge or permission, with an unknown specialist.



The records in UR1213856 show I notified the hospital on 20 May 2020 I could not attend the appointment for an MRI or with the specialist and the hospital replied on 22 May 2020 I should contact them when I wished to make an appointment.



Case 352


2. The government are legally obliged to identify the man who made an unsolicited phone call to me on 31st December 2019 during which he threatened me that my Case 352 would not go to court, including with a civil jury, (all of which of course it is my legal right to have and I am legally required to do to reclaim my true identity and legally resolve the complex legal issues)


(For the avoidance of doubt, I would under no circumstances agree to a medical appointment or medical treatment from a man who calls himself Dr David Gillespie who is an MP and happens to be a Gastroenterologist who is pushing continuing ‘adoptions’ still without any identifiable legal safeguards, through the Hague Convention, while the distraction of Royal Commissions continue in Victoria etc etc)


Of course, the legal reality is governments always knew children who had Court Orders made against them, would as adults be able to overturn those Court Orders, including with a civil jury, just like anyone else.




It is obviously common-sense it is in the best interests of children who are removed from their families by the state for any reason, to simply have a legal guardian along with fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover, that comes with legal representation all of which is a real child protection policy.


It should be for children to choose to ‘adopt’ the guardian when they are an adult if the relationship has worked because they were properly informed about and consulted about important choices and decisions in their own lives, which was most certainly not what happened in my own case.


All children in state care should be taught the ‘Window of Tolerance’ so they can learn how to make safe boundaries, in the absence of respectful adults.




UR12138586: My right is for me, to arrange a date preferably for an MRI scan on the same day I can see the specialist, at the hospital, who I need to give a letter to, so that I can receive proper medical treatment. So it would be helpful if the hospital can inform me by email of some dates it is possible to safely do both.



Case 352: A reasonable and rational responsible adult would of course know it is unconscionable that my legal case has not by any stretch of the imagination been dealt with in a professional and timely manner in the County Court of Victoria, while I and my own family have lived all around the world for goodness sakes. 


Kind Regards,