Donna’s 'Addendum': The Golan Mediterranean Multicultural City of Refuge (13.06.2020)



I guess it might be nice to dream that one day there might even be a multicultural Catalan PM in the UK.



... best friends outside holloway prison... brian was the greatest peacemaker of our times who set the gold standard in making a safe space for peaceful free speech for everyone...




In the meantime, I would like to use my own genuine immunity to see the Golan universally confirmed as a peaceful autonomous DMZ that includes a right of return for Palestinian people, which is arguably the most complex and controversial outstanding legal issue in the Israeli Palestine Peace Plan.


The Hague Convention on Inter-Country ‘Adoptions’ (which purports to be part of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) is obviously disputed. All children in the autonomous community would have the basic right to permanent residency along with one or more citizenships and their cultural identity and their right to live with their own family.


The City of Refuge would legally operate with civil juries, McKenzie friends, and lay members for the judiciary, all of which would effectively build a basic common law Constitution, and be recognised and work with UN, EU, Arab, African, Mediterranean and other civil agencies, who would all financially contribute.



... the three amigos discussing brian standing for the london mayoralty... my view was our original 'gilet-jaune' who is a londoner, and owned the only copy of archbold's should be his chief of staff...


All the relevant governments should contribute to a package including a Guaranteed Universal Basic Income to help provide stability for a multicultural diaspora’s return in what would become the biggest peace project of our time.


It is for the governments involved in the Israeli Palestinian Peace Plan to agree without delay which government jurisdiction the Golan autonomous multicultural community would operate within, because the priority remains for civilian populations to safely move on with their lives without further trauma.


All children and adults would have the opportunity to learn the ‘Window of Tolerance’ to help the community peacefully function and give everyone the ability to safely reach their full potential.


Any child who was removed from their family by the autonomous Golan state for any reason would be guaranteed fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover that comes with legal representation.


’Adoptions’ of children would not be permitted, but a child could instead choose to adopt a family they had lived and felt secure with, when they became an adult, because they had consistently been properly involved in and consulted about important decisions that affected them as a child. 


All children with dual nationality who wished to visit or return to another country or live in the City of Refuge and another country as an adult would be assisted in their right to safely do so.


Everyone who lived in the DMZ regardless of their residency, nationality or citizenship rights would agree to be unarmed with any violators of that basic understanding removed without lethal force by UN peacekeepers who would act as guarantors. Any competent legal or medical professional knows that compression on the human body when people are forcibly held face down, is absolutely unlawful because it intentionally causes physical harm to the diaphragm etc with multiple life threatening, and fatal consequences.


People would be free to peacefully practise their choice of religion, without needing permission from anyone else or having to worship in any building.


The small and efficient autonomous governance which would be secular would consist of an agreed number of publicly elected officials from all parts of civil society who would serve in a voluntary unpaid capacity for a maximum of two four year terms, along with a small paid civil service to peacefully implement decisions.


I would establish a global DNA Bank in the Golan to be used for the advance of scientific research projects that were approved by the community because they would benefit everyone.



…i do recall that over the years a surprising number of english people did think wc should be a wc…



The Museum of London in the City of London where politicians illegally stashed our campaign property could have it sent out to me in the Golan. 


The community would welcome volunteers from around the world to help build and sustain the community and share information. All volunteers would receive food and shelter and pocket money in return for working in the community during the morning, for a maximum of four days a week.


The global community should contribute to the community building and celebrating a universally recognised multicultural medical and education system.


Kind Regards,