Donna: My Declaratory Court Order in Case 352 from 28 May 1963, in the County Court of Victoria, Australia, giving me Immunity etc (11.06.2020)








My Declaratory Court Order in the County Court of Victoria, Australia, confirms: 





1. My name is Donna Bugat and I am a 'natural born' Australian citizen, who was born on 10 February 1962 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


2. The County Court Order made against me in the County Court of Victoria on 28 May 1963, along with the birth and baptism certificates in the name of Barbara Grace Paterson are null and void.


3. I have substantial PTSD and multiple autoimmune and related illnesses.


4. I am a peaceful autonomous DMZ, who has immunity from prosecution by any state/country (ie: diplomatic immunity, without being a diplomat etc) so it is unlawful for anyone to use force of any kind against me. 


The ban on the use of any force of any kind against me will assist me in my ongoing recovery from PTSD etc, and extends to my two sons.


5. I, and my two sons who have Australian citizenship by descent, keep and maintain any accrued rights to live where we live and have lived, and although we are dual nationals, s44 of the Australian Constitution could not and does not apply to us, regarding local, national or federal politics in Australia, if we are resident and wish to stand in political elections in Australia. 


6. The State of Victoria agree I will receive my own Guaranteed Universal Basic Income of $3000 per month which is tax free, paid to my bank account in Australia, from the State of Victoria regardless of which political party is in government, or where I am living, that is backdated to 10 February 1962, and will rise annually along with the cost of living.


The Registrar of the County Court in Victoria, Australia is the nominated person to request and give my bank details to the State of Victoria, so the State of Victoria can pay the money into my bank account in Australia.


7. I will annually purchase a global fully comprehensive health and insurance policy that the State of Victoria will pay any excess on, with any dispute between the State of Victoria and my insurance company over any excess, settled between them. 


This means I will have access to any medical treatment I may decide to have, whenever I want, and regardless of wherever I am, while any medical professional will give me a copy of my medical records whenever I want.


8. The land called Crab Apple Close Reserve currently in the City of Monash will remain a public space in perpetuity with native plants and trees and I will be able to plant any native wildflowers I wish there.


9. Any person/s who dispute/s my Court Order in the future, will have to contact the Registrar in the County Court of Victoria and establish their locus standii to the satisfaction of myself and the County Court. 


The County Court of Victoria will need to give me fourteen days notice of any legal disputes in the future, regarding my County Court Order.


I will be able to choose how any dispute regarding My Court Order is legally settled.


I am not legally obliged to attend or appear in any court, and I will be able to nominate a McKenzie friend to act on my behalf if I so wish, and any person/s who dispute/s my Court Order in the future, which can only be done in the County Court of Victoria, will not be entitled to any legal representation.


10. I will receive and keep a stamped copy of my County Court Order which will be sent to me by email from the Registrar of the County Court in Victoria, Australia, that I will at all times legally be able to have access to on my mobile phone, which I will legally always have access to, and be able to use and will keep with me at all times, so I can also contact family and friends, whenever I wish.


My identity is easily confirmed by my DNA (and a visible scar on my face). 




My County Court Order is made in accordance with Jus Cogens/International law.


Kind Regards,