Donna: It is a known known, politicians & medical professionals of all races & religions already know outlawing state use of positional asphyxiation which is already absolutely unlawful, would reduce deaths in state custody (10.06.2020)





I remember a black police officer standing in court on a witness stand on 19 July 2007 saying it was a known known it is illegal to even hold people in rear stack handcuffs face down -and- use positional asphyxiation, which was considerably before their attempt to murder me on 4 September 2009. 


The British police were motivated to harm us because police officers had no insurance cover to use the legislative free speech ban we repealed, that gave an exemption to unions, including the errr... Police Federation !! all of which created clear conflicts of interest, politicians from across the political spectrum did not want disclosed and aired before any jury. It was shamefully corrupt legislation that only rewarded corruption. 


Most people would be very surprised if the latest cowardly and ungentlemanly British PM & Leader of the Opposition (who were the Mayor of London and DPP in 2009) agreed to life threatening positional asphyxiation being used on them... instead.