Donna: The global system of injustice can be changed by the 'level playing field' of a civil jury, which is a truly civilising democracy 'of the people, by the people and for the people' that is a genuine 'separation of power' (10.06.2020)




... there is only one global system of cronyism... 




There is only one global system of... cronyism. 


That global system of injustice will only be changed by the level playing field of a civil jury, which is the only true civilising democracy 'of the people, by the people and for the people' that exists, that is also a genuine separation of power.


Politicians are dishonest when they claim they support the 'will of the people' they just want to tick a box in elections or referendums they portray as democracy which are very easy to manipulate, while at the same trying with any number of vacuous excuses, to stop civil juries which are 'of the people, by the people and for the people'.


The current British PM and Leader of the Opposition were always working together against peaceful dissent in their previous incarnations as Mayor of London and Director of Public Prosecutions which they solely used as cover to try and stop the level playing field of civil juries... against them. 


They want people to vote for anything, because the one thing they do not want is a civil jury, against them, because a civil jury is a real separation of power from global cronyism. 


The reality is anyone's 'crime statistics' show it is self evident our peaceful dissent in the UK was disproportionately more likely to die in state 'custody' for the obvious reason we were violently unlawfully 'arrested' and maliciously 'prosecuted' more than any other group of people in the entire country, through... targeted legislation that was absolutely unlawful. The repealed legislation was then replaced by legislation that having exhausted any criminal pretext to maliciously prosecute us, sought to 'legalize' attacking us, outside of any legal process, solely to try and continue to stop... civil juries. 


The revolving doors of talking heads in politics and media do not speak for or instead of their victims and civil juries, and can’t just say whatever self serving lie happens comes to mind before a civil jury.


Real democracy involves more than a vote at a ballot box, because a civil jury considers evidence regarding serious matters of law. 


There is no identifiable difference between politicians and terrorists who target civilian populations, because neither like juries precisely because juries come from the civilian population. 


It is better to de-escalate political cronyism with civil juries, before politicians et al can escalate... their criminality, and even after politicians et al commit criminal acts, a civil jury is still easer and arguably preferable, because the victim remains in control of court orders and the suchlike against politicians et al that can really produce meaningful change.