Donna: The PTSD of Peaceful Dissent (My County Court Order in the State of Victoria, Australia in Case 352) (08.06.2020)







My name is Donna Bugat and I was born on 10 February 1962 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and hereby confirm my following Court Order in Case 352 in the County Court of Victoria, Australia.


I have life threatening, prolonged and substantial PTSD, along with multiple autoimmune and related medical illnesses.


Politicians et al lack legitimacy when they legislate and use overwhelming force against peaceful dissent in a public square while they refuse to peacefully stand in a public square along with everyone else, themselves, because they do not want to tell the whole evidentiary truth. 


Politicians and medical professionals are legally obliged to ABOLISH the unfair discrimination of:


a) s44 of the Australian Constitution because public officials know it is absolutely unlawful to use overwhelming force to forcibly change a child’s identity while also denying competent professional medical treatment


b) life threatening torture involving the use of positional asphyxiation because public officials know that crushes the human diaphragm etc


The relevant politicians and medical professionals know they are legally obliged to agree my County Court Order because they know I need to safely live in the present with my true identity to properly function and have the ability to live my life to my full potential, so that I do not disassociate because I am continually re-traumatized. 


The legal outcome of abolishing the use of s44 of the Australian Constitution and positional asphyxiation is the British Commonwealth & ECHR & European countries first acknowledge the universal right in international law to dual nationality and a civil jury because both serve to protect civilian populations regardless of corporate trade deals.


I am first and foremost a Mum so I choose to live in the here and now, personally claiming my Guaranteed Universal Basic Income of $3000 per month which is my insurance that is backdated to 10 February 1962 that I can receive anywhere.


I and my naturally multicultural family with the same DNA will keep and maintain all our accrued rights to peacefully live where we live and have lived.


Jus Cogens



(Australian ’natural born’ citizen ‘D’)