British Commonwealth half-way house Australia claims voting compulsory, but bans 'natural born' Australian citizens who are dual nationals from becoming PM, while US Presidents must be 'natural born' citizens who can be dual nationals (03.06.2020)



... now... that's a work of art, unlike the totally corrupt politics...



The comparisons between the Australian s44 and American 'natural born citizen' (for the Presidency) electoral systems are informative.


Australia is a totally corrupt electoral system that ridiculously claims it is compulsory to vote, even if you can't stand for election yourself, because you are a 'natural born' Australian citizen who also happens to be a 'natural born' dual national.


The legal reality is it is absolutely unlawful to claim it is compulsory to vote in elections that actually ban Australian citizens from standing, while in the United States a natural born American citizen (who could have been born outside the country) and who is a dual national too, can stand for the Presidency.