The Prince of Wales, Lloyd George, Nelson Mandela &... George Floyd: U.S President & politicians from across political spectrum can de-escalate protests, by peacefully going out on streets with united message, to speak with & reassure public, police officers will be prosecuted (31.05.2020)



The politicians in the United States can de-escalate protests if they really want to, by going out on the streets with a united message, to speak with and re-assure the public, police officers will be prosecuted for the murder of George Floyd. 



... ask any police officer... all police officers do know it is absolutely unlawful to put their knee across your neck...



Any commentary from politicians and the news media owners from the comfort zone of their ivory towers isn’t really engaging in any meaningful way with the public.


All police officers do know it is absolutely unlawful to put their knee across your neck.


(it happened to me on 7 May 2009, but I was lucky that a man passing by persisted in challenging police over what they were doing to me on the floor of a police transport vehicle while Brian was being distracted by other police officers, when I was unlawfully arrested and held face down in rear stack handcuffs. I was almost immediately released from police custody later because... police had unlawfully arrested me for publicly reading out a document they had been legally obliged to errr... disclose to me !! The police lawyers claimed there was no CCTV from Parliament Square which of course there was, because police were using the pretext of Tamil protests to be there 24/7... harassing us instead)


I remember one police officer of colour in the UK did actually once say to me I had ‘human rights too’ which was news to me, and not something I have ever personally experienced.


There wasn't any difference among British police in terms of how they treated us, whether they were black or white, in the UK, while they were mostly males, who I wouldn't personally call men. 




The Prince of Wales et al, all worshipped a Lloyd George in the UK in 2007 (the Prince of Wales was involved in the political cover up in 2007, going on over violent attacks by police on peaceniks in Parliament Square) 


Nelson Mandela (who was no Steve Biko) was no better in 2007 when he was also grandstanding with Brown and Livingstone in Parliament Square, Central London (with the idolatry of statues too) while covering up attacks on peaceniks (before the British Queen whose followers in the UK include both white people and people of colour, was doing her turn at a State Opening on 25 May... 2010)




The six police officers who attempted to murder me in September 2009 in police 'custody' when they crushed my abdomen in the UK, which white people -and- people of colour covered up, will never be prosecuted.


(The police officers involved are the most incredible cowards, and of course there is no statute of limitations because they used life threatening torture) 


I remember a group of men of colour from the UN in Geneva visited Brian and covered up, what was going on, and like Nelson Mandela weren't bothered about the Iraq War at all.


I was in Parliament Square in the UK, when the... police had a riot there in 2010 during the student protests (it was the police who illegally stopped students leaving) which followed the Lib Dems lying about student fees so politicians could produce a hung parliament to decide the result of the election among themselves, in what was a rigged election, however you looked at it, because so much corruption by so many politicians was being hidden by politicians who don't like lawsuits. 


In 2011 I was also in Parliament Square during the riots in London following the shooting of Mark Duggan, which was not long after Brian died because of the police attacks on him too. Everything was relatively peaceful in Parliament Square, during the riots elsewhere, but I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial... again, shortly thereafter.  I would have escaped from prison and returned to Parliament Square if it was possible because the government could not have had a jury trial which is what you get if you escape from prison, because they would never have been able to explain to a jury how I came to be in prison in the first place !!


I guess more people of colour can and should stand in politics in the United States if they want to personally participate more directly in the political decision making processes that affect their communities. The United States has had a mixed race male President with Obama, but there hasn't been a female President in the United States who is white or of colour, while the UK has had white female PM's but no PM's of colour whether male or female or mixed race.


Australia hasn't had any PM who is anything other than all white British stock (which is really because of the overtly discriminatory s44 of the Australian Constitution)