Donna: My County Court Order revokes County Court Order from 28 May 1963 & s44 of Australian Constitution & confirms my continuing right to a civil jury in the British Commonwealth & European Union which is in the Public Interest & according to International Law (31.05.2020)






Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria (County Court of Victoria, Case 352) 


My name is Donna Bugat and I am an Australian citizen who is also a dual national born on 10 February 1962 in Carlton in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


The State of Victoria et al have caused me serious and prolonged life threatening physical and emotional harm, resulting in substantial PTSD and multiple auto-immune and related illnesses etc.


I am acting in the public interest and according to international law by:


a) revoking the politically motivated Court Order arbitrarily made against me when I was a child and had no legal representation, in the County Court of Victoria on 28 May 1963, along with s44 of the Australian Constitution, and it’s arbitrary ‘conditions’ which is all ‘void ab initio’.


(my baptism is also null and void)


b) replacing the arbitrary Court Order from 28 May 1963, with my own Court Order to peacefully right the historical wrongs of an unprecedented long standing abuse of all due process and miscarriage of justice.


c) confirming my right to a civil jury in the British Commonwealth &… European Union


It is my intention to improve my own physical and emotional health, by building some safe and sustainable new memories and life experiences.


My family will keep and maintain our accrued rights to live where we live and have lived as a naturally multicultural family.


The deliberate failures of the State of Victoria to follow due process with the level playing field of legal representation when I was an innocent and defenceless child, has followed me as an adult and continuously escalated, adversely affecting me in the British Commonwealth, and… European Union.


It is self evident to any reasonable and rational responsible adult that it is foreseeable a person who is never even going to have legal representation as either a child or adult can be subjected to all manner of extreme exploitation etc.


I remain legally entitled to a civil jury at any and all times… in the European Union too, regardless of the origin of my case or the UK leaving the EU, because my transnational case could easily have been facilitated when and while everyone knew I was seriously ill, in my own home in France in the European Union.


It is well established people are not usually extradited from a civil jury jurisdiction to a jurisdiction without civil juries, because a civil jury who is properly informed is the best safeguard there is to state excesses.


Similarly it is legally possible, as in my case, to facilitate a civil jury case in another jurisdiction that does not have civil juries, when most of a transnational case, like mine, arises from outside the jurisdiction of an area without civil juries, but continues within the jurisdiction without civil juries, while it is also well established there should be no refoulement.


It is absolutely unlawful to repeatedly keep pushing a civilian around, across and between legal jurisdictions all without due process.





I am, in the here and now, claiming from the State of Victoria:


a) my guaranteed universal basic income of $2,200 per month (backdated to 1 July 2019) regardless of which politicians are in government in the State of Victoria, and regardless of where I live or whatever work I may do, that will become $3000 per month when I am 60 years old.


The sum will be raised annually in line with increases in the cost of living. 


b) quarterly payments of an additional $750 will be paid that will also increase annually with the cost of living.


c) the full costs of my water, taxe fonciere and taxe d’habitation for my home in France, which the State of Victoria will pay directly to the French government in perpetuity (and settles my inextricably linked ‘waterboard’ case there) and ensures myself and my family always have a home in Europe too.


d) the costs of modifying my home in my nature lovers paradise in France so that it is suitable for me to continue to live in.


e) the costs of any visas etc I may need from time to time, the State of Victoria, will also arrange for me.


f) they ‘track and trace’ any food parcels I may wish to have delivered to my home in France.


g) provide me with social housing of my choice in Victoria that they will pay all the costs for, including electricity, water and any taxes, because the only reason I don’t have my own home in Victoria, is because of the Court Order made against me on 28 May 1963, and I may not always be able to live in my home in France, if and when I choose to have medical treatment in Australia.


I don’t know what it is like to be an Australian citizen with the basic rights in Australia most other people thankfully take for granted but I like my fellow Australians, and Australia, so I would like to find out in a safe and sustainable way, without being overwhelmed.


h) The discriminatory WHO report by John Bowlby published in 1952 that falsely concludes (obviously without any evidence whatsoever) on page 157 that some children were "a source of social infection as real and serious as are carriers of diptheria and typhoid" must be disowned by the State of Victoria (and withdrawn by the WHO) so that victims like myself can move on from such grossly unprofessional prejudice.  


Any reasonable and rational responsible adult should know that any adult who said that about any child for any reason is not fit to work in any professional capacity with children.  


Australia can only genuinely become a healthy and wealthy country reaching it’s true potential when all law abiding Australian citizens are able to safely and effectively participate in politics which does mean being able to stand in political elections and become politicians too. 


i) ensure that I can plant some wildflowers in Crab-Apple Close Reserve which is part of the property I lived in as a child (that is now in the City of Monash) that must remain a public space with native plants and trees in perpetuity.


j) I will then be able to purchase fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover (which comes with legal representation) and the State of Victoria will pay any excesses.


I can then have with proper support, professional medical treatment of my choice, anywhere, which I do want and is obviously essential, because my good physical and emotional health is an absolute priority.


k) any and all civil legal actions I bring in the legal jurisdictions of the British Commonwealth and European Union (which includes countries who are members of the ECHR) must be before a civil jury, because I have established the necessary legal precedent that includes the ECHR & EU too. The cases could only be appealed on a point of law (which the governments who do not have any recognised defence in law, do not have) in the usual way in either jurisdiction. 


In practise it is best for civilians to bring civil jury lawsuits before a properly informed civil jury, because that is the only real opportunity civilians have to try and remedy harms caused by the state/s.


All the costs of My Court Order are paid by the State of Victoria.


The proper process is the County Court Registrar in Victoria either notifies me: that a person I nominate can collect a stamped copy of My Court Order or the Registrar of the County Court notifies me of a hearing with an agreed mediator, all without further delay, because it is self evident, my health that has never concerned politicians or courts, anywhere, really is a priority.






I was raised by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents and exploited me by forcibly change my true identity when I was a child.


The reality is the socially constructed s44 of the Australian Constitution which has really been used at the State and Federal level, has only caused and can only cause ongoing harm in Australia and elsewhere because it arbitrarily defies the natural law of humanity.


The man who posed as my godfather Tudor Harvey Barnett was Director General of ASIO (when it was based in Victoria) when he knowingly failed to declare his conflict of interest when he illegally contrived without my knowledge and behind my back… politically motivated legislation in 1984, that he personally intended to use to try and stop a civil jury lawsuit, from me that would have involved himself and others.


It was the fact they knew I am legally entitled to a civil jury that has always bothered them. 


The actions of the State of Victoria and the Director General of ASIO et al, were a gross abuse of the public trust, that happened after I had naturally refused to join the British or Australian military or intelligence services because I simply wanted my own identity to try and find my own way in life.


The State of Victoria et al knew my revoking the County Court Order made against me would also result in the revocation of s44 of the Australian Constitution by a civil jury, which is the reason why unlike politicians, who challenge s44 of the Australian Constitution for themselves, I had no legal representation, because my revocation of s44 of the Australian Constitution is in the wider public interest and according to international law.


The revolving doors of politicians, media and intelligence services who… choose to change their identities as…. adults intended to completely… overwhelm innocent and defenceless children who arbitrarily had our identities completely changed by adults abusive use of Court Orders and s44 of the Australian Constitution, which was used at the State level too.


I was capable when I was 13 years old, of telling… a court in 1975, that I wanted to have my own identity and go home to my own family, which there were no legal grounds stopping me doing, but was denied to me, because I had no legal representation. So I have always effectively been held prisoner against my will, by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and god parents etc.


The State of Victoria also knew John Bowlby could not look me or my family or a civil jury in the County Court in the face in Victoria, Australia, and try and defend his legally, morally and medically indefensible claim he made as a medical professional.


In practise a reasonable and rational responsible adult would know that Bowlby et al intended that children like myself should never have any… competent professional medical treatment, because the ‘clean break theory’ meant we were illegally denied even any basic medical information about our immediate family, despite the government having this information. No politician or medical professional could have claimed in any court before a civil jury, they reasonably believed it was in the best interests of some children to be denied the most basic medical information about their immediate family.


The evidence is the Australian born American citizen Murdoch et al never intended to settle my free speech lawsuit in the UK, which began in 2006 when my name was illegally published with false information in the UK on Mothers Day (which led to the repeal of the s132-138 SOCPA 2005 free speech ban the British government intended to extend across the UK) because I now know the UK relied on the State of Victoria to continue to withhold legal representation from me in Australia, so the UK, could and would too etc etc.


The State of Victoria (which is where ASIO was based) never considered the best interests of the child when the most important decisions were made about our lives as children without our having legal representation.


The State of Victoria et al have recklessly perpetuated the long standing abuse of process and miscarriage of justice by failing to provide legal representation, so ordinary people like myself can if they wish have help to revoke Court Orders with proper support regarding what remain the most serious legal issues.


The State of Victoria is continuing to re-traumatize me about having my identity forcibly changed as a child, by not putting in place proper processes that include providing legal representation to legally revoke the Court Order from 28 May 1963, because they know the primary underlying issue is s44 of the Australian Constitution which was used at the State level and not just the Federal level of government to forcibly change children’s identities.


The British Prime Minister who signed the Article 50 Enabling Act in 2007 in the EU regarding a referendum, was only able to do so, because he had along with others hidden multiple civil jury lawsuits including a life threatening violent attack on me in the UK, which was really a continuation of politicians et al longstanding abuse of s44 of the Australian Constitution.


The British government who did know my best friend died in the Klinikum-Ost Hospital in Bremen in Germany because he suffered a “catastrophic breakdown in his immune system” following an attack by the government while he had PTSD, that I had been subjected to repeated violent attacks including my abdomen being crushed, while I had PTSD too, and the governments (DFAT knew) have always refused to hand over the CCTV to me, which has always prevented my getting proper medical treatment.


I was legally living in France in the EU in 2013, long before the British referendum, and should have been able to have a civil jury lawsuit heard in France in a timely manner.


The fact is the Australian embassy in Paris, who knew my physical and emotional health was deteriorating while I was seriously ill when I was living in France in 2019, instead of helping me, asked me for my permission for them to give my name to the ‘news’ media (which I refused to do) while they also falsely claimed they could give my name to the ‘news’ media without my permission anyway (which I said was untrue) because they were only cynically trying to help Murdoch et al instead.


There was no legal reason a civil jury was not facilitated while I was seriously ill and living in my home in France. I sincerely hope I do not ever need to bring a civil jury lawsuit in France in the EU but the legal precedent that it is possible to have a civil jury lawsuit in the EU, is established through my inextricably linked ‘waterboard’ case there too.


Kind Regards,