Donna: My Court Order for global health plan in Case 352 in County Court of Victoria, rights historical wrong of s44 Australian Constitution’s ‘One country, Two systems’... in Australia (24.05.2020)






I am an Australian citizen, who is also a dual national, born in Australia during the Whites Only & Franco era, that in treating Australian citizens differently in Australia (and elsewhere) is really only ‘one country, two systems’.


The Australian Parliament of ‘both houses’ et al intended to recklessly use s44 of the Australian Constitution to arbitrarily change… children’s true identities, including our names, religions and nationalities through the courts, while isolating us from all our family, purely based on the whim of any adult, while unlike adults, we had no legal representation.


There is therefore, no legal argument in any court that can stop s44 of the Australian Constitution being overturned in the County Court of Victoria in Case 352 to right a historical wrong so that people who are Australian citizens, can also regain and maintain including multiple dual nationalities they were born with or acquired, including through marriage, while also having the right to stand in politics in Australia as dual nationals too.


Australian politicians and their courts who forcibly disassociated children from our entire identities in a massive ‘social experiment’ in creating ‘designer children’ and universal child soldiers makes MKUltra look like a walk in the park by comparison.


It is a legal impossibility and clearly disproportionate to blame child victims, and worse when it was never intended that we should ever even know the truth about so much that is taken for granted by most people. The traditional divide and rule of nationalism is more profitable for politicians and a few transnational corporations, who marginalise the competing natural evolution of dual nationals.


It is s44 of the Australian Constitution that is really illegitimate because it has no legitimate aim that is convincingly established in either politics or criminal or civil law. 


The Australian Parliament ‘put in place a sequence of events that only sought to repeatedly cause me harm as a child and adult that eventually saw politicians and media publicly vilify me as a ’national disgrace’ in the UK , while hiding s44 of the Australian Constitution was originally their universal disgrace too, (all Australian citizens were also British subjects until 1949) that continued escalating with British and EU politicians referendum, while I was living in France.


The fact I always refused to join the military or intelligence services wasn’t about my being opposed to those organisations per se, but was because I have always been legally entitled to my true identity, first, to try and find my own way in life.


Of course people with multicultural Catalan heritage have historically been betrayed by all ’sides’ because of the shift from the Mediterranean to the global colonial world. 


The British-Sino Treaty ostensibly over Hong Kong saw the same Judiciary in our ‘landmark’ cases in the UK involving the latest British PM (who was Mayor of London) and Leader of the Opposition (who was the DPP and Head of the pseudo ‘human rights’ Doughty Chambers and their Special Counsel from Hong Kong) ‘retire’ to become part of the British-Sino Judiciary in Hong Kong. The people who posed as my parents from the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence circles were married in the Hong Kong Cathedral. The British Sino ‘One Country-Two systems’ Treaty, was concocted in 1984 when the man who posed as my godfather was also Director General of ASIO when he failed to declare his conflict of interest when he legislated behind my back and without my knowledge… in Australia too. There is no doubt whatsoever, the current British PM and Leader of the Opposition in the UK would be 'professionally embarrassed' if I was a politician in Australia.


The British (Commonwealth) along with the Chinese government, European Union, and arguably the United States with it’s electoral college, all actually have similar systems because the… cronyism of the highest echelons have never been elected by a public vote.


It is self evident the British and Australian governments are legally liable in my lawsuits, so they are legally responsible for any financial costs regarding my standing in Australian politics too, as a dual national, with my own identity, which I have properly instructed I want to do, along with ensuring I have my own choice of medical treatment.


It is a legal impossibility to legally prevent me from standing in the by-election in the Garden of Eden Monaro because politicians have not legally settled my lawsuits (which I obviously did not seek to accumulate in the first place) in a timely manner.


The fact I am an Australian citizen who is resident and a dual national who can legally stand for election in Australian politics, peacefully changes the long standing hypocrisy of Australia’s own ‘one country, two systems’, which could also help and encourage other governments to constructively reform in the longer term.


I am notifying of my standing as Australian Citizen ‘D’ in the Garden of Eden Monaro by election because the central substantive legal issue is the long overdue reform of s44 of the Australian Constitution to benefit all Australians.


The royalist media tycoon and papal knight Murdoch who is a global hacker, preying on defenceless children and women, has along with his family, never been seen on any front line of any kind promoting freedom of speech and democracy along with the rule of law. He didn’t even call for the Australian military to support firefighters to try and protect Australian citizens lives in the recent bushfires.


He has always promoted nationalist isolationist propaganda as an unscrupulous way to stop competition from the freedom of movement of civilians, while he flits around on his personal jet and yachts to prop up his own transnational corporations.


Murdoch et al have never been bothered by ‘one country two systems’ … in Australia, and the reason he doesn’t stand in politics himself supporting a level playing field of equality of… opportunity is because he only wants the very easy life of lazily making money spinning divide and rule.


He used the entire state apparatus and then had to call for reinforcements from Lynton Crosby et al, when he was doing his best to Thomas Bowlby me in the UK, by re-inventing my life with the purported ‘crimes’ of having the ‘wrong’ identity as a child and being a (working) Mum as an adult on Mother’s Day.


The Australian born American citizen Murdoch who only has a hobby farm in Eden Monaro because he has always horse-traded over s44 of the Australian Constitution to build his global empire, could have easily funded any financial recovery from the recent bushfires in Victoria and New South Wales, out of his own wallet.


It is common-sense the fact anyone has dual nationality is not of itself a crime or evidence of improper foreign influence in or outside politics.


The reality is Australia cannot truly recover from bushfires or a global pandemic and become a healthy and wealthy genuinely prosperous country, until s44 of the Australian Constitution is overturned so all Australian citizens can participate in all levels of decision making processes, including politics, and most importantly legislating (legislation like Constitutions must be justiciable) which will in turn help to strengthen the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


There is an accompanying War of Succession over what calls itself the ’news’ media because that would have to fundamentally change in the absence of the traditional overarching divide and rule of s44 of the Australian Constitution, which corrupts all politics with cronyism. 


The current Premier in Victoria is typically only trying to save his own job, by hiding behind s44 of the Australian Constitution, and the ubiquitous decoy of a royal commission, during his recent foray into the ’Eurasian bridge’ Belt and Road agreement with China. That agreement isn't legally binding, because Australian politicians do know it is absolutely unlawful for Victorian politicians to stop the equality of... opportunity, for all… Australian citizens to stand in politics… in Australia which would really benefit individual and national lives along with the economy in Australia in the here and now.


The Australian politicians are missing the opportunity for massive growth in technology and tourism in our strategically placed country, that would benefit from having eco friendly silicon valley satellite cities around the coastal areas in Australia, which is in the populous Asia Pacific region. 


I am willing to give legal immunity to politicians et al and forego personal financial compensation from my lawsuits, if politicians reform the national health and welfare system in Australia by maintaining the recent upgrade of Jobseekers Allowance (which was also frozen in 1984 and not properly updated by Liberals or Labour since then) to $2200 per month, which would also help stop people getting ill. That would assist all Australians, and indeed help increase wages in Australia during the transition to clean renewable energy, and should be payable to Australian citizens living anywhere. (I subsisted on €100 euros for... six months in France in the only real home of my own I have ever known, which meant I got very serious scurvy, because that is substantially lower than the poverty level of below 943 euros... per month, or even extreme poverty which is considered less than 640 euros... per month, while I also had no electricity during the winter, all because of the cronyism of politics.) The Australian Parliament are also legally obliged to pay any excess on my choice of my own global 24/7 fully comprehensive annual medical and insurance policy that comes with legal representation (where the evidence is, we all know I do try and keep my medical costs low).


Kind Regards,