Donna: My Health Plan (20.05.2020)



... my whole self is my best self...




Dear Specialist Clinics & MRI Department et al,


My real name is actually Donna Bugat (not Barbara Tucker)


Ref: UR1213XXX


I am currently engaged in legal proceedings in Australia to overturn a Court Order which was made against me as a child in Case 352 in the County Court of Victoria from 28 May 1963 when my true identity was forcibly changed, by s44 of the Australian Constitution because of my mixed race Mediterranean cultural heritage, during Whites Only Australia and the Franco era.


The governments belatedly refer to this as ‘forced adoptions’ which is not a recognized legal concept by the courts, and my baptism certificate etc confirms that very unfortunately for me, the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services posed as my parents and godparents.


There is no space in my own ‘Window of Tolerance’ in the here and now for the endless politically motivated discrimination of s44 of the Australian Constitution which has caused me prolonged serious physical and emotional harm since I was a small child, and my identity was forcibly changed, through the courts.




The only legal political settlement possible is s44 of the Australian Constitution which is what is really illegitimate, being abolished by my Court Order, because it is not legally, morally or politically sustainable. Dual nationality is not of itself evidence of a crime or improper influence, foreign or otherwise. There would then be a level playing field with the… opportunity to stand in politics.



... the 'crime' of being a mum on mothers day in the uk...



It is incredibly difficult to be simultaneously disenfranchised by forcibly having your true identity and cultural heritage stolen as a child, while also not facing a level playing field in an undemocratic adult political world, that further arbitrarily excludes you from fully participating in political decision making that affects your own life.


There is after all, no legal impediment stopping the British monarchy standing in political elections so the Medieval Inquisition of s44 of the Australian Constitution is truly anomalous. A reasonable and rational responsible adult would know, I should not need the ‘permission’ of politicians and courts in Australia, to have my true identity, or to choose to be Jewish, and stand as a politician too. The Jewish State was founded on reasonable self defence that was not legally contingent on British colonialism or Zionism, while there are questions that remain unanswered over the true intentions of governments at the San Remo Conference in 1920.


My own family are and have been historically, Jewish, Catholic and Muslim. The fact the Jewish State intends to declare sovereignty over part of Judea and Samaria, presumably also means Palestinian political leaders own Palestinian State will finally fully exist in the here and now, giving people an actual choice of where they want to live. I would for example have no problem myself living as a Jewish person in the Golan Heights, regardless of whether it is within Israeli or Syrian jurisdiction, because Jewish people must be able to live in other countries across the Middle East, just like many Muslim people are able to live in Europe. 


I have suffered from substantial PTSD since I was a small child, but I do nevertheless have a reasonable and well founded belief I do not have and will not have access to my choice of proper medical treatment generally which should be my legal right, or be able to fully recover from PTSD, which also impacts adversely on my health, until the stressful legal case over my true identity, which involves my own children too, is legally settled and s44 of the Australian Constitution, which still exists in the here and now, is abolished.


It would be encouraging to have some positive outcomes during a global pandemic if s44 of the Australian Constitution is abolished and there is a sustainable Israeli Palestinian peace deal.



...the 'crime' of being a mum on mothers day... 


It is not unreasonable to want to for example stand in the Garden of Eden Monaro by election because other candidates have by contrast been able to stand in political elections throughout their whole adult lives which is something else most people can thankfully take for granted in Australia. It is undemocratic to claim everyone has to vote, while claiming some Australian citizens who have committed no crime, cannot stand for election, simply because they are dual nationals. I would stand as Australian Citizen ‘D’ in a political election because my identity and politics are an irrelevance because the substantive legal issue that needs to be recognised is s44 of the Australian Constitution is ‘void ab initio’ so Australian citizens who also have dual nationality should be able to stand regardless of their politics. 


The pseudo science of Bowlby’s ‘clean break theory’ (remarkably published by the WHO in 1952 p.152 Maternal Care) that Bowlby et al never tested on their own children first, was a Medieval Inquisition by adults lacking any legal basis, that wickedly condemned (and I quote) what he considered “deprived children whether in their own homes or out of them… a social infection as real and serious as carriers of diphtheria and typhoid”.


It was incredibly dishonest of the Royal Women’s Hospital to publicly claim that a report they very belatedly commissioned from a social worker from the Catholic University called Professor Shurlee Swain was a legal ‘opinion’ when it was merely an apologia for what was a Medieval Inquisition, without any legal basis.


It is common-sense a responsible child protection policy would make it mandatory for all children removed from their entire family for any reason, to have fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover that comes with legal representation. It was grossly negligent of governments, to deny children the most basic medical information about immediate family members that governments did of course collect for themselves.


In my own case, there were no legal grounds stopping me returning to my married parents and little sister with the same DNA, who did want me. It does seem entirely plausible, that rather than being a heresy, Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children, because there is so much history in Australia of forcibly changing children’s true identities, to suit rich adults.


In the UK, Murdoch (et al) embarked on his grand Inquisition into my ‘crime’ of being a Mum, which originally began when I was unlawfully arrested on Mothers Day, so he could illegally leak my name from New Scotland Yard in the press with his one-sided lies.


Of course, Murdoch et al didn’t want their lies about unlawfully arresting a mum on Mothers Day !! for goodness sakes, ever aired before any High Court…. civil jury by contrast, during the entire time I was a pipsqueak peacenik in Parliament Square, Central London for 7+years, because it beggars belief decent and civilised people would do something so nasty and vicious.


The Australian born American citizen Murdoch only really maliciously targeted me in the UK because he could incur considerable financial losses from s44 of the Australian Constitution, which he leveraged to build his global media empire, being abolished.



... our iconic tents... blatant political policing going on... behind our backs, between politicians and police, involving jones after everyone knew i was the one who won more legal proceedings at southwark crown court in the uk on 8 march...


I most certainly do not need the ‘permission’ of Murdoch (who called my life a legal ’game’ of ‘cat and mouse’ in his Times in London) to be a mum and Jewish.


My ‘crime’ of not having politicians ‘permission’ to be a mum !! in the UK, snowballed into 48 violent unlawful arrests of me in the most incredible cover up in the UK during which I was sadly repeatedly tortured on the mainland UK, and illegally imprisoned twice without legal representation or trial over non-imprisonable alleged ‘offences’.


The top cop at New Scotland Yard Lord Blair was eventually forced to resign, shortly before his boss, the head of the British ACPO Sir Ken Jones who was also involved, ‘emigrated’ to Victoria in Australia to hide away as a Deputy Police Commissioner. Jones tendered what he did know was a perjured witness statement regarding his ‘activities’… in the UK, for the decoy of a different Royal Commission in Victoria in 2019 (when he is really involved in the ‘forced adoptions’ Royal Commission too) 


I was endlessly bullied by all political ’sides’ in the UK, which led to my being exiled from the UK, for the ‘crime’ of being a mum who also happened to force the repeal of their legislative equivalent of s44 of the Australian Constitution, which was s132-138 SOCPA 2005.


A serious problem has been the British government’s refusal to hand over the CCTV of the life threatening attack on me in the UK that DFAT in Australia knew about while Jones was the Deputy Commissioner in Victoria police where he also illegally used that public role to access my sealed court records at the DOJ about my County Court case from 28 May 1963, that I didn’t even see for the first time, until late last year. 


The man who posed as my godfather was Director General of ASIO in 1984 when he failed to declare his conflict of interest in the legislation about ‘forced adoptions’ that was passed behind my back and without my knowledge in Australia, because the intelligence services who it is now admitted were spying on the Italian and Jewish Community in Carlton where I was born, were involved.


I now realize the life threatening torture in the UK, that was also crushing my abdomen when I could not breathe, is unfortunately more likely than not, the origin of my autoimmune and related illnesses, (I did become increasingly unwell after that and doctors did repeatedly refer me to hospitals in Germany and France too)




Politicians et al have hampered my having access to timely proper medical treatment of my own... choice, while also wilfully obstructing legal proceedings, because they did falsely label my true identity as a ‘crime’ when I was a child, before ridiculously falsely accusing me of the ‘crime’ of being a ‘mum’ as an adult in the UK.


St Vincent’s hospital will need to advise what support they offer people with PTSD who need medical tests etc.


On a personal level, the need to have countless medical tests, while I have serious PTSD that is also directly related to the ‘probable cause’ of the use of life threatening torture etc on me that was crushing my abdomen etc is of itself overwhelming, and does re-traumatize me because of what has happened.


Therefore after careful consideration of the true circumstances at this time, the MRI scan on 21 May 2020 and the corresponding specialist appointment on 1 June 2020 will need to be rescheduled again. The last time I saw a GP on 9 January 2020 to collect repeat prescriptions (and they referred me to another specialist for a complication of rheumatoid arthritis) they also said there was a problem with my kidneys (not related to my having an ectopic kidney) that would need further tests, although they did not explain by whom etc. I am also confused why I was sent a home testing kit for cancer, by the government, because my understanding is the hospital did a cancer test that came back negative.


I would also like to explore trying CBD oil but without any THC because I don’t like psychoactive medication for the obvious mind altering reasons (I am not a fan of MKUltra) because I do need to try and reduce both the medical costs and serious risks associated with my now longstanding and worsening ill health because I do not have, through no fault of my own, any private health cover, or any medication for pain relief because of the other prescriptions I take.


It is also important to me to try and avoid a… medical operation and the very real additional and serious risks that go with that, that obviously results from a lifelong … political operation that was ridiculously waged against me in the UK and Australia.


Kind Regards,