Australian Citizen ‘D’: The Garden of Eden-Monaro is Suez that can bring the Walls of Jericho of s44 of the unAustralian Constitution down (15.05.2020)



... Australian Citizen 'D'... 




I am an Australian citizen with an Australian birth certificate and passport who is resident in Australia, so my name and bio and dual nationality are legally an irrelevance, because it is only the discrimination of s44 of the Australian Constitution that falsely claims I cannot stand for election which is absolutely unlawful.


I cannot pretend Australia is any kind of a democracy with the unlawful discrimination of s44 of the Australian Constitution.


I am an abolitionist and reformist who says the political slavery of s44 of the Australian Constitution must end so everyone can build a genuine democracy.


The purpose of politics is supposed to be to serve not enslave people.


The Walls of Jericho of s44 of the Australian Constitution must fall.


I am standing for election for all Australian citizens so that any Australian citizen will have the same… opportunity to stand face to face with politicians all the time as an elected member of Parliament.


I can’t, don’t and won’t support anyone who doesn’t publicly support Australian citizen’s, who happen to be dual nationals, standing in elections too.


There is no legitimate aim convincingly established in civil or criminal law for s44 of the Australian Constitution which defies the natural world.



... this is where s44 of the australian constitution belongs...


It is also absolutely unlawful to force anyone to vote in Australia when there is the unlawful discrimination of s44 of the Australian Constitution which arbitrarily excludes some Australian citizens from even standing for election, while also then making them subject to any other politically motivated and arbitrary discrimination they cannot stand in politics to change.


The only way to honestly begin rebuilding the Garden of Eden-Monaro so it truly blossoms in the future is by first abolishing s44 of the Australian Constitution so all Australian citizens in Eden Monaro including dual nationals have the real opportunity to genuinely participate in politics as equals.


It is common-sense dual nationality is not of itself a crime and nor is it of itself evidence of improper foreign influence either inside or outside Parliament.


I guess there could be the National and Dual National political parties. 


Politicians who have failed in their own legal challenges while relying on a celebrity entourage of faux ‘human rights’ lawyers, all too common in London, should not and cannot stop an Australian Citizen ‘D’ from standing (and indeed should be supporting me) unless they… publicly bring a legal challenge using s44 of the Australian Constitution in a court of law against me, which they have been invited to do and have not done.


Of course the Australian born American citizen Murdoch, who has a hobby farm in Eden-Monaro could actually stand himself if he really believes in a fair go for all Australians. 


If it is not Garden of Eden Monaro that rights the historical wrong of s44 of the Australian Constitution it will nevertheless happen.


Kind Regards,


Australian Citizen ‘D’.