Donna: An abolitionist of the slavery of s44 of the Australian Constitution (15.05.2020)



... my whole self is my best self...




Mr Andrews et al,


I trust it is a priority to peacefully settle my lawsuit in Case 352 in the County Court of Victoria and join me in becoming one of the abolitionists of the slavery of s44 of the Australian Constitution.


My own primary healthcare policy is understandably the abolition of the slavery of s.44 of the Australian Constitution (which was remarkably similar to the politically motivated s132-138 SOCPA 2005 which I repealed in the UK), so I guess being a dual national can give one a wider perspective on politics etc)


(I am sure you agree with me it was quite unfortunate the Victorian Labour government spent taxpayers money hiring the opportunistic Sir Ken Jones, who was co-incidentally Head of ACPO in the UK, at the centre of all the widely publicised, and deeply unpleasant internecine warfare among the politicised top brass in New Scotland Yard, whilst I was a pipsqueak peacenik in Parliament Square, Central London)


I guess it is therefore encouraging there is also a burgeoning new frontier in healthcare with medicinal marijuana, which presumably with far wider testing could possibly bring many health benefits across all strata of society, while considerably reducing healthcare costs overall, particularly with regard to medical operations, which have so many additional risks.   


My personal view is too many politicians have become addicted to inflated salaries. 


You may contact me in confidence on my mobile phone (the President of the Victorian Law Council has my phone number) when you wish to peacefully settle my lawsuit, although I will regardless, be proceeding with the abolition of s.44 of the Australian Constitution, anyway.


Kind Regards,