Donna -v- Anthony Albanese & the ALP in Case 352 County Court Of Victoria, Australia (14.05.2020)





I propose the following agreement in an out of court settlement:


I am claiming twice the amount plus interest, Mr Albanese who is the Leader of the Australian Labour Party has fraudulently claimed during the past ten years of his purporting to be a politician.


Mr Albanese is a national security risk who is not fit to govern or become Prime Minister of Australia because of his involvement in the pre-meditated attempted murder of me as a dual national Australian citizen which DFAT knew about on 7 October 2009 and is why I was later denied legal representation in the High Court in London… in the UK on 23 June 2010. The same time the ALP were playing pass the buck in Australia. 


Politicians had access to my personal information they have used illegally. 


The only real entirely self serving personal reason Mr Albanese does not support my standing in politics is because he is an absolute coward. He would obviously have considerable legal, moral and political difficulty standing face to face with me if I was an elected member in Parliament, which he has so illegally sought to stop happening.


The legal reality is he is legally obliged to resign from all politics, and I should not be re-traumatised by him remaining in politics. All women and children are entitled to feel safe.


There needs to be a by-election in the electorate Mr Albanese stands in too.


My personal view is politics should only be voluntary unpaid public service, so politicians should not be paid more than the Jobseeker Allowance in Australia, while it should be possible for people on Disability Support to stand for election in politics too, which would help begin to lead to fairer and more efficient governance.


The voting age should be lowered to 16, or the ability to join the military raised to 18 years.


There can no longer be any discrimination against people who are dual nationals standing for election. It is common-sense, being a dual national is not of itself evidence of improper foreign influence, and it is illegal to make voting compulsory for people who are excluded from standing in politics themselves because they choose to enjoy their dual nationality which is not of itself a crime.


There is no legitimate aim convincingly established in civil or criminal law to exclude a dual national Australian citizen, from standing for election simply because they are a dual national.


I would not have been discriminated against as a child or an adult if politicians had considered that one day I might be standing face to face with them as an elected member in Parliament.


All people who had their identities, including nationalities changed as children by the courts, through what politicians call ‘forced adoption’ which is not a legal concept recognised by courts, will have the choice if they ever wish or need of accessing Jobseekers Allowance without any mutual obligations or Disability Support. In addition, they will also be a priority on the lists for social housing and medical treatment of their choice. They will also be entitled to invite social services to arrange a private meeting or visit with them to agree their needs, in a care plan.


The legal reality is a child’s identity cannot be changed by any court, simply because it suits any adults, so s44 of the Australian Constitution is null and void with regard to adults too, because Australian citizens cannot be discriminated against on the grounds of any other/dual nationality.


All Courts will ensure that any children who are removed from their parents for any reason are given fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover which comes with legal representation to protect the best interests of the child.


If there is any dispute, politicians will need to agree to mediation.


Kind Regards,