Donna: Former PM's Rudd & Turnbull, I was 44 when I proved I had legal immunity to right historical wrong of s44 of Australian Constitution, so younger generations have the opportunity to make dual nationals a new normal in politics (11.05.2020)



Former PM's Rudd & Turnbull,


The legal reality is I was 44 when I proved I had legal immunity from prosecution in the UK & Australia, without my being a politician, on Mother’s Day in 2006.




... the government not me, was making an issue about my... identity (which take their pick, they had)...





The fact DFAT spoke with me on 7 October 2009 (which is widely recorded) while I was in the UK did mean former Australian PM Rudd (for example) was legally obliged to at the very least resign on 23 June 2010 in Australia, after I legally blew the whistle in the High Court in the UK on 21 June 2010 etc etc. Mr Rudd is clearly lying about what really happened while he was PM (which is illegal for him to do) because he is hiding what was slightly more than his own faceless betrayal of a law abiding Australian... citizen. 


Politicians have never had the courage to look me in the eye, face to face, because it is obviously so straightforward s44 of the Australian Constitution, whose real victims are people who as children like myself had our identities forcibly changed, is legally, morally and politically unsustainable. 


It is at best patronising and offensive for politicians to make any promises about anything that are meaningless really, unless I have the legal right, like others, to stand in politics myself so that I am actually part of decision making processes, instead of being unreasonably excluded, because of dual nationality, which is not of itself a crime. 


I do not personally believe that anyone could bring a successful legal challenge against me over s44 of the Australian Constitution, even if I didn’t have any legal immunity. That is clear because the only reason I have legal immunity from prosecution is because of the overwhelming discrimination and prejudice I have faced because of s44 of the Australian Constitution.


Either the former PM’s Rudd and Turnbull (who is just as bad) can successfully bring a legal challenge against me over s44 of the Australian Constitution (and let’s remember I don’t have the luxury of an entourage of lawyers) explaining how they think I am not their equal and not entitled to the same political rights, or the matter can only be considered legally settled.


Australia has an opportunity to set a real example of democracy globally which it cannot do while the discrimination and prejudice of s44 of the Australian Constitution remains. Most people don’t choose to visit a country because of it’s politics or nationalism, but because they want to learn about or experience the culture and history of all it’s people.



... it was murdoch at scotland yard, publicly lying about the facts and law, while making an issue about my... identity... 



The cultural idea in Australia of people considering other people their 'mates' is based on people treating each other as equals.


Europe is loved by most people who live there because young people have grown up with the knowledge they have the unparalleled opportunity to live and work among each other learning about and experiencing an extraordinary diversity of culture and history, relatively easily.


Australia can only mature and build a real identity that all Australians can be proud of, when the new normal is our young people who are dual nationals, which is perfectly normal have the same opportunity as others to live freely and openly standing in politics.


Kind Regards,