Donna: I am dual national standing in elections to right historical wrong of s44 of Australian Constitution (from Case 352 in County Court of Victoria 28 May 1963) which is the origin of Murdoch’s British referendum (10.05.2020)



I have previously notified of my standing as a dual national in the by-election in the Garden of Eden-Monaro in NSW, for an MP in the House of Representatives, to Liberals, National and Labour, asking for their endorsement and/support.


It turns out the electorate also happens to be where the Australian born Murdoch who prefers American citizenship for financial reasons etc, has his hobby farm.



…my whole self…is my best self...


...t'was murdoch on mothers day...


My own true ‘converso’ life in our times, ironically perpetuates the centuries old persecution of Cathars who chose to believe Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children, which has obviously always challenged competing royal and religious leaders et al.


What I do know is Australian politicians never bothered about having any child protection policies.


I have personally suffered serious and prolonged physical and emotional harm from having my true identity including my name and ‘mixed’ (Mediterranean) race and religion forcibly changed when I was a child by the highest echelons of the British and Australian military and intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents while I was completely isolated from my entire family.


My own parents who named me Donna didn’t give me a middle name, so I was thinking recently I might possibly decide to keep the middle name which was subsequently given to me which is Grace.



   … mothers day 2006… i remember murdoch was running new scotland yard (refer leveson) when he originally illegally published my (former) name (barbara tucker) via the bbc, without the true facts of the existing legal records which prove we had really been released without charge so we had a high court civil jury lawsuit against his top cop…


It’s a reality that my married parents had other siblings, all of which is provable with even just DNA, while I and my family have accrued and are legally entitled to maintain my triangulation of dual nationalities from my own family, and the intelligence services who posed as my parents and my own marriage (I am now happily divorced) along with my two beautiful dual national sons who have Australian citizenship by descent, etc etc. My boyfriend who is Welsh currently lives in the Netherlands because he is too ill to travel.


The intelligence services obviously did not inform or consult with me while I was in the Middle East in 1984 when the man who posed as my godfather was as Director General of ASIO at that time involved in passing legislation in Australia, presumably to try and hide the intelligence services used a company front to ‘launder’ children’s identities etc etc.


…. murdoch’s new scotland yard & bbc lie…'unlawful' which led to my being unlawfully arrested 48 times etc etc in the uk (while murdoch... hid an inspector lyons).…


The names of the people who posed as my parents and godparents are all on the baptism certificate which is null and void, and had changed my religion too.


The real victims of s44 of the Australian Constitution (which is the true origin of the more recent British referendum which began while I was living in France in my own modest home which is a stone cottage in my very own nature lovers paradise in Cotes D’Armor) ) after having been exiled from the UK, were children like myself who politicians erroneously refer to as ‘forced adoptions’. Politicians do know that is not a legal concept that could be recognised by any court.


S44 of the Australian Constitution is anomalous within the British Commonwealth and EU.


I don’t know why Murdoch, despite not being a Catholic, paid the Vatican for a Papal Knighthood in 1998.


My little sister who I was raised separately from, who was also a protester sadly ‘suddenly’ died the day before the S11 protests in Melbourne against the World Economic Forum, just before the Olympics and while there were also fuel strikes in the UK in 2000.


The intelligence services who raised me did pay money to Cardinal Pell, which was clearly illegal for them to do, and which I only belatedly discovered when financial records were legally sent to me in 2013. The Vatican could not possibly be eligible for any government grants from Australian politicians because their vow of silence is most certainly not a child protection policy either.


It was the man who posed as my godfather (who was recruited by the man who posed as my father who had been trained by Anthony Blunt when they originally worked for ASIS) who shifted ASIO from Melbourne to Canberra, so ‘legally’ it must have originally operated with the agreement of the Victorian government too.


This is to notify the Green Party in Victoria that I am also willing to stand as their Victorian Senator in Canberra, because I am acting in the best interests of all Australians, and hope all political parties will then welcome dual nationals.


I do actually have far more experience already of ‘politics’ than most politicians particularly including the seven plus years I spent as a 24/7 peacenik in Parliament Square in Westminster Central London in all weathers and seasons including without any shelter.


My personal view is we should initially walk and cycle to Canberra if I am the Victorian Green Senator, because we can meet and talk with people about all sorts of issues all along the way.


The Green Party could even possibly win the Garden of Eden-Monaro by-election too !! with another candidate, on our way to Canberra.


I guess the Green Party could even ask Murdoch if we could camp at his Cavan (which is not the same as the village in Cotes D’Armor) because he will obviously benefit, even if he doesn’t choose to. Indeed there is nothing stopping him standing for politics himself, to reclaim his Australian citizenship.


I would never personally go to fight any wars for Murdoch.


It was the Australian born American citizen Murdoch who covered up Mother’s Day 2006 that led to my being exiled etc from the UK.


I am already and would be inviting any politicians from any political party to support and indeed join, including the Green Party if you support dual nationals in politics, because politics should be opened up to all Australian citizens. It would be difficult for me to walk the whole way to Canberra, but maybe I might be able to manage if I cycled too, and it is like anything else, at least worth a try anyway. I walk most days and sometimes it is okay and on other days it is incredibly painful, and therefore slow, so an electric cycle would probably be one answer.


I would only want to stand for one term in politics in Canberra because however anyone looks at it all of my life has been part of a ‘political’ world.


Indeed there shouldn’t be any reason campaigners and wealthy philanthropists who purport to support clean renewable energy cannot join together to start clean renewable energy companies. Most people do after all as a starting point, support affordable clean renewable energy. The fact all climate change planning should be based on the worst case scenario of a global transition to clean renewable energy not stopping the hotter weather, also means it is strongly arguable politicians should all have deployed the military in a civilian support role to help firefighters much earlier during the recent devastating bushfire season, which would have helped saved human lives and wildlife.


I would prefer to live in a tiny eco home I could park up in Canberra, if I am a politician, because that would best meet my own simple needs when I was there. In Melbourne, I would also be able to continue with my more communal multicultural living which would make my own personal recovery work I have been doing since returning to Australia, which involves building my own new memories, much easier. I do love going on a short stroll, to walk barefoot in the soft sand along the beaches in St.Kilda or Elwood, and I am rather fond of our trams, and I like the multicultural area I live in.


The Greens could twin Victoria with Brittany which is a large rural and agricultural area with a large fishing industry that includes the Cotes d'Armor, or Catalonia, which I think is the most politically progressive region in many respects. 


I was originally exiled from Australia when I was a teenager when I refused to join the military and intelligence services because I quite reasonably wanted my own true identity to try and find my own way in life.


In practise I am an Australian citizen who has always perversely been a refugee in Australia too really, because I am and was denied basic rights other people can thankfully take for granted, because I would certainly never wish what happened to me on any other child.


I do not believe that politicians who did not care about children who had our identities forcibly changed, and do not want to save civilian lives in the here and now, would really care about saving civilian live in the future. So it is for politicians to earn my trust, not the other way round, because I am willing to stand in elections for all Australians and want dual nationals to be welcome in all political parties.


It is also true that people like myself who had our identities changed as children need our own voice in Parliament because existing politicians cannot and do not speak for or instead of us.


There is no space in my own ‘Window of Tolerance’ for the discrimination of the anomalous s44 of the Australian Constitution which any reasonable, rational and responsible adult would know is legally, morally and politically unsustainable.


Australia cannot become a well balanced healthy and wealthy country reaching it’s full potential until the discrimination towards dual nationals in s44 of the Australian Constitution which really does improperly influence all politics is legally overturned.


The true origin of the British referendum is s44 of the Australian Constitution because s44 of the Australian Constitution ‘sidesteps’ the common-sense fact that dual nationality is not of itself evidence of improper foreign influence.


It is undeniably Murdoch’s fault, a ‘tipping point’ happened when I was suddenly denied legal representation in the High Court in London on 23 June 2010 because I legally blew the whistle on what was going on there on 21 June 2010 which I could not have known at that time (incl. because I hadn’t even seen all my sealed court records etc in Australia in case 352 from 28 May 1963) ultimately also blows the whistle on s44 of the Australian Constitution in Australia.


Murdoch had unsuccessfully tried to bribe me with money from the Sun Newspaper in April 2010, when he sent along his staff in a black landrover etc etc.


There is no statute of limitations over what happened.


It is strongly arguable the British referendum would never have happened if s44 of the Australian Constitution had been overturned because the British referendum effectively relies on that completely arbitrary discrimination.



… my own modest stone cottage in my nature lovers paradise in the Cotes D'armor (pink granite coast) which is the only real home of my own I have ever known…


I have unfortunately suffered from substantial PTSD since I was a small child, along with now having multiple potentially life threatening auto immune and related illnesses, because proper treatment is difficult to access in a health system that most people know has no real capacity before crises, Politicians obviously didn’t care about the health of people like myself, when we were children, because we were denied even any basic medical information about our own families all of which was information governments did by contrast have all along.


I am not personally in favour of or necessarily able to take some of the ‘latest’ pharmaceuticals, or having what could become endless medical operations because of what has happened to me. There are of course very serious risks associated with taking some pharmaceuticals like hydroxychloroquine (even quinine which I was given as a child, makes me ill) because of the wide ranging nature of my multiple illnesses, and the prescriptions I already have to take, while of course all medical operations do come with considerable risks too.


Therefore, my personal view is trying to build my ‘Window of Tolerance’ best addresses my PTSD and the fact I do not like any pharmaceutical drugs including particularly the mind altering kind for the obvious reasons.


However I am also aware and do agree there needs to be much wider testing and trials of medicinal cannabis, which I try and keep an open mind about. It could possibly provide additional support to me in my own efforts to address PTSD. More importantly perhaps, it is possible medicinal cannabis could help with chronic pain and the accompanying auto immune and related illnesses, so I may be able to avoid the even greater risks involved in medical operations. I do therefore support far wider tests and trials of medicinal cannabis because it is more likely than not, it can safely become available to more people on prescription at a reasonable price, which could also help reduce medical operations which carry the greatest risk.


It is frankly impossible to understand at this time, why the WHO did not have global capacity in re-agents for use in simple home testing kits for pandemics, (given the ability to mass manufacture so much else these days) so that people can genuinely take part in trying to safely look after their own and others health.


I hope you will support me to right the historical wrong of s44 of the Australian Constitution which does not set a good example in our global world, where it has always been perfectly natural to be multicultural.



Kind Regards,