Donna: PM et al, You are not Brian who was an evangelical Christian and I am not Isaac Isaacs, but Brian would endorse me standing as dual national in (Garden of) Eden-Monaro by-election to right historical wrong of s44 of Australian Constitution for all Australians (06.05.2020)






PM et al,


I am standing in the Eden-Monaro by-election to right the historical wrong of s44 of the Australian Constitution which I hope you will support me doing. Indeed one or both of your political parties are welcome to actually endorse me standing because I am really standing for all Australians anyway.


I remember when I was elected by parents as a Chair of Governors of a primary school in the UK (so I was unlike the majority of governors who were politicians et al) When politicians tried to take money from children’s education to give to multinational corporations for the Iraq War, I said I would run a deficit instead to protect children’s education and staff’s jobs, and so Westminster et al, changed their minds, when schools across the country said they would do the same. The politicians subsequently voted to oust me, which didn’t matter because the point was I did the right thing.


That was before I was in Parliament Square, in Westminster in Central London, where I gained considerable experience campaigning, because Brian was the greatest peacemaker of our times, who set the gold standard in campaigning. 




My standing in the by-election will of itself actually reform the WHO, because it will right the historical wrong of s44 of the Australian Constitution which they promoted too, while of course Australia will benefit by genuinely becoming a more well balanced healthier and wealthier country.


I would like to win the by-election, which would be a bonus for me personally, because I would be able to live in the Garden of (Eden-Monaro) which I like, while also helping people rebuild the area after the bushfires, while addressing the issue of clean renewable energy which I support. The people of (the Garden of) Eden Monaro would also be supporting me helping to open up politics to all Australians.



I would also encourage twinning (the Garden of) Eden-Monaro with the Cotes d’Armor in Brittany France, which is where I own my modest stone cottage in my very own nature lovers paradise which is the only real home of my own I have ever known. 


There is a High Court record in the UK in our 'landmark cases' as peaceniks there, of my promising to obey god (who I don’t think really counts as ‘foreign influence’) rather than any man, which I have always been true to really, because I first and foremost do try and do what is best for everyone.


My personal view is we can at least agree to right the historical wrong of s44 of the Australian Constitution, which is beyond all reasonable doubt, really a win-win for everyone.


Kind Regards,