Re: Standing for by-election for Eden-Monaro MP in Australian Parliament; the real victims of s44 of Australian Constitution were... children who had our identities forcibly changed… by politicians et al (04.05.2020)









The sad reality is unless I stand for politics it is clear no politician is ever going to right the historical wrong of s44 that in my own case has continued for over 50 years of an endless struggle just to try and legally... reclaim my true identity !! 

(Case 352 County Court of Victoria) which the... government made into 'legal' cases.


Sitting in a Parliament full of politicians who have never cared, was never exactly on my own 'bucket list' of things I would like to do, but at least I would enjoy genuinely representing members of the public, more generally, regardless of their politics.  


I (incorrectly) thought the retiring politician in Eden Monaro was a Senator (there’s not really any difference between any politician for someone like me) because I have always been disenfranchised from voting or standing for politics in Australia (which is what politicians wanted after all)  because I am one of the real victims of s44 who had my identity forcibly changed as a child by… politicians et al. Where I live (which may be the case more generally in Australia), it’s not even like ANY politicians from any state or national Parliament ever make themselves known to any members of the public or invite the public to anything. 


The government have not yet explained, how people standing for the by-election are supposed to be able to meet members of the public at this time.


It is the children who as adults have had such a struggle to even legally reclaim our true identities and basic rights (like standing for politics) which politicians have not ever tried to help us with in over 50 years !! now. The real and obvious problems which we have faced are huge, while it was the government who had the information about our dual nationalities all along, so it is actually the government who were always withholding the information from people (incl. if they stood for politics ?) not the other way round. 


The fact that s44 is discriminatory means it is not necessary to fill out any forms relating to it because it is irrelevant because it is discriminatory. 


The real problem with the discriminatory s44 is it opened the door to the government arbitrarily changing anyone, including children's identities. 


There is obviously likely to be a legal case about s44 unless… all the politicians confirm they will stop using it to discriminate against… the public which is what is really going on and was going on when my true identity was forcibly changed for no reason when I was an innocent and defenceless child.


As far as I am concerned the issue of s44 is really legal not political, and I don't personally care which political party anyone belongs to or doesn't belong to, because the real legal point is s44 is... discriminatory, which is illegal and worst of all it was discriminatory towards children who faced the real consequences without even being politicians.


The only people who have ever really been traumatized by s44 are not politicians, but people like myself who had our identities forcibly changed as children, which by contrast has never to this day bothered a single politician in the slightest.


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Donna: Notification of my intention to stand as autonomous mixed race dual national (x3) in by-election for MP in (Garden of) Eden-Monaro in Australian Parliament to right historical wrong of s.44 of Australian Constitution, to benefit everyone (02.05.20


Donna: My County Court Order in Case 352 in the County Court of Victoria, overturns s44 of Australian Constitution that has discriminated against me since I was a child, so that I can now stand as a dual national adult in politics etc (04.05.2020)