Donna: My County Court Order in Case 352 in the County Court of Victoria, overturns s44 of Australian Constitution that has discriminated against me since I was a child, so that I can now stand as a dual national adult in politics etc (04.05.2020)





The Australian government obviously have no recognised defence in law to the historical use of s44 of the Australian Constitution to discriminate against me as as a child, changing my true identity and cultural heritage etc.


There is no space in my ‘Window of Tolerance’ for the discrimination of s44 of the Australian Constitution, which is all I have known my entire life.


Any reasonable, rational and responsible adult would know an Australian citizen’s physical and emotional health takes precedence over the discriminatory s44 of the Australian Constitution.


It is politicians who will need to explain to the public if politicians want to try and oppose and discriminate against me standing in the Eden Monaro by-election as a dual national.


The use of the same s44 of the Australian Constitution recklessly endangered children, causing in my own case, prolonged physical and emotional harm by changing my true identity and cultural heritage (which was also considered ‘Southern European’) while isolating me from all my family members along with any medical information that governments have by contrast collected.


It is self evident politicians could only fail in their own narrow legal challenges against s44 of the Australian Constitution because politicians haven’t cared about everyone affected and in particular, the pre-existing cases involving children like myself, who arbitrarily had our identities changed which has caused us by comparison prolonged harm.


I am Schrodinger’s Catalan, who has always been treated as ’a social’ and ‘medical’ experiment.


The discrimination against the real victims of s44 of the Australian Constitution who were innocent and defenceless children like myself, that has been going on for so long, must stop.


There is nobody representing us in politics until that discrimination stops, that all political parties have had over 50 years to legally remedy !!


The legal reality is I am legally entitled to a Court Order in the County Court of Victoria in case 352, that I was discriminated against, which cannot realistically be challenged by a higher court or politicians, so I am legally entitled to stand in the Eden-Monaro by-election or indeed any other election, as indeed any other Australian citizens who are dual nationals, which many Australian citizens are, will also then be legally entitled to do.


Most people would know s44 of the Australian Constitution which is justiciable, really is not sustainable.


There cannot be legitimate opposition from politicians who cannot discriminate against someone who had their true identity changed… as a child in what the state made into a legal case, where I have never even had legal representation regarding what is in fact such an important point of law that genuinely is in the public interest, which I should have received legal aid to overturn many, many years ago.


There have been far, far more serious consequences for children arbitrarily having our identity and cultural heritage changed, while being isolated from all our family members and denied proper medical information, than any adult politicians who have by contrast chosen to change their identity purely for personal profit, because all political parties have known about and ignored the widespread pre-existing cases involving children.


Politicians are legally obliged to stop being part of the discrimination which a reasonable person would know, only serves to re-traumatize victims like myself and others, which has been going on for too long.


There has never even been any proper public consultation with those of us directly affected, despite the government having all the records which have been improperly used by successive governments who have not by any stretch of the imagination spoken for or instead of me.


It really is now up to politicians to support people like myself so we can stand in politics so we along with so many other Australian citizens who are dual nationals really do have the opportunity to have proper representation in government. It is particularly important that those of us so directly affected as children, represent ourselves in politics as adults, particularly with regard to the necessary fundamental health reforms that are so necessary. I would personally recommend Australia should follow the New Zealand example of no fault health claims. People like myself need access to real choices in health care, that is not politicised, and particularly where people like myself have been betrayed and exploited by the entire apparatus of the state and then some, since we were innocent and defenceless children.


It is not possible for me to access or receive proper medical treatment until the discrimination of s44 of the Australian Constitution is overturned because that has always adversely affected my health, so I do need my Court Order without further delay, because any and all delay only continues to adversely affect my health, as an Australian citizen.


All politicians must know, there are so many people in Australia who are dual nationals the issue of s44 of the Australian Constitution which ultimately affects all strands of politics is not going away anyway and cannot continue as a political tool that does cause so much identifiable harm.


The legal effect of My Court Order will in practise overturn s44 of the Australian Constitution that led to my being punished without law when I was a child without legal representation. This means I can now make my own choices which include choosing to keep my accrued rights and entitlements for myself and my family to live where we live and have lived without that being arbitrarily changed on the whim of passing politicians or the historical wrong of a Constitution that is justiciable.


I do require the County Court to provide me with my Court Order before 11 May 2020, that a) I was discriminated against by s44 of the Australian Constitution that saw me punished without law as a child, so b) myself and my family can make our own choices to maintain our accrued rights to live where we live and have lived and c) I can legally stand for politics in Australia as a dual national.


Kind Regards,






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