Donna: Notification of my intention to stand as autonomous mixed race dual national (x3) in by-election for MP  in (Garden of) Eden-Monaro in Australian Parliament to right historical wrong of s.44 of Australian Constitution, to benefit everyone (02.05.2020)




I am going to try and improve my own physical and emotional health and that of all constituents in Eden-Monaro and indeed all Australians, by legally standing as an autonomous mixed race dual national in the by-election for an MP in Australian Parliament.


My intention is to peacefully and legally right the historical wrong of s.44 of the Australian Constitution that is an anomaly within both the British Commonwealth and European Union.





I sincerely hope all Australia politicians will support me so that we can form a unity government to help best address the current global crisis, and so other political parties will be able to encourage dual nationals to openly stand in their own political parties in the future.


The (Garden of) Eden-Monaro is just my kind of electorate where I would love to live and work.


I am an adult who is also one of the children politicians call ‘forced adoptions’ (case 352 County Court of Victoria 28 May 1963) who was raised by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services. So I have a triangulation of dual nationalities arising from my own family, and the intelligence services and my own marriage to a New Zealander (I am now happily divorced) and my own two now adult sons and my Welsh boyfriend who currently lives in the Netherlands. The only real home of my own I have ever known is my modest stone cottage that I own and love in my nature lovers paradise in Cotes d’Armor (the pink granite coast) in Brittany, France. 


My door will remain open to Dr Kelly who is standing down, if he should ever wish to join my office in any capacity, and indeed the same goes for anyone else including politicians too.


I always properly refused to join the military or intelligence services myself because I naturally wanted my own true identity and cultural heritage to try and find my own way in life.


I owe it to my beautiful sons to stand in the by-election because I am a universal peacenik who has been missing in action for far too long.


It is also true, I also know I would personally regret it if I did not take this opportunity to do what is my public duty for the benefit of everyone, because Australia cannot genuinely become a well balanced healthy and wealthy country until Australian citizens who are dual nationals can openly stand in politics too.


My notification (I have already won the same legal argument in the UK without knowing it) peacefully repeals s.44 of the Australian Constitution because it is illegal to discriminate against an Australian citizen standing in Australian politics simply on the grounds of our dual nationality, which in my own case I have multiple times over, which I do reasonably refuse to renounce while standing for politics.


The reality is many politicians legitimately work with foreign governments in the natural course of their business and can only be legally challenged as politicians if there is evidence of improper influence from a foreign government. The fact a politician is a dual national is not of itself evidence of improper influence by a foreign government and indeed Australia’s outdated Constitution has created an anomalous situation within both the British Commonwealth and EU.


I intend to right a historical wrong that has long caused the most serious harm to people like myself, since we were innocent and defenceless children.


My personal view is the monarchy can stand for politics in Australia too and so of course my door would be open to Harry and his family.


When I was campaigning in Parliament Square, Central London, the British government knew it was possible for we peaceniks to give sanctuary to young serving soldiers overwhelmed by war which the politicians and court wouldn’t dare to publicly prosecute us for doing, so we could safely protect soldiers ‘hidden’ in the full view of the 24/7 CCTV surrounding us, while trying to negotiate the best outcome.


I remember a young soldier who had lost all his friends in Afghanistan who we gave shelter to, for as long as he needed.


I was deeply troubled by a young soldier who confided in and showed me on his way to St. Thomas Hospital that he had self harmed to try and avoid returning to war. I told him that I am a mother and I was doing what I was doing to try and stop terror, and so my sons didn’t have to go to war. At that point, the young soldier broke down and said he wished his parents did the same, which just haunted me. He said he just tried to fire in the air because he didn’t want to kill anyone which most people can understand because it is not natural to want to kill anyone.


We have all lost too many members of our families and our friends.


The electorate of (the Garden of) Eden-Monaro are guaranteed I would deploy the military early on in a civilian capacity to support the fire services in trying to stop the loss of civilian life in what does not need to become on a regular basis, such catastrophic bushfires..


My personal view is it is essential for the Australian Parliament to be back sitting before the civilian population is asked to return en masse to whatever the new ‘normal’ is going to mean during the global pandemic. The truth is I would be sitting in Parliament now if I was a Senator, because there is so much that urgently needs to be done with proper consultation in what I think should be a real unity government, that it won’t ever be without real representation that includes the natural reality of dual nationals.


I would prefer to choose to live in a tiny eco home I could easily park up in the electorate because I have simple needs. The salary of a Senator is unimportant to me, because what I need most is the choice of public or private medical treatment, which is a choice that at least most other people have had, but does highlight that considerable reform is necessary, regarding health and welfare.


Any fee for standing in the by-election should be waived at this time because the exceptional circumstances mean ordinary people do not have spare funds stashed away because most people rely on every cent they have at the moment.


I also have to disclose to health professionals that I have had substantial PTSD since I was a small child and I also have multiple life threatening auto-immune and related illnesses, because it is in my best interests to have proper medical treatment. However my physical and emotional illnesses do not define me and should not become an additional obstacle to my standing in the by-election, nor should I be re-traumatized by their being weaponised against me. What has happened to me can instead best serve to help give me a better understanding of all constituents.


I spent seven plus years 24/7 in all weathers and seasons and for long periods of time without even any shelter, on a real front line in Parliament Square, Central London as a peacenik defending free speech to try and stop terror for the benefit of everyone, which took considerable discipline. Therefore the Australian Parliament is by contrast akin to a leisurely walk in the park for me, where I would have no difficulty properly representing all constituents. Any good politician is really supposed to be an effective administrator who is trying to reach a consensus that benefits everyone.


My personal view is Australia’s strategic location makes the country well positioned to have significant positive influence globally.


I would be going to the wedding of a family member which is obviously a very big deal to me, in the UK next year some time, and I would also sometimes visit other family members in other countries too. I would also be visiting my boyfriend in the Netherlands because he is seriously ill and so he is unable to travel at this time, but does not want him being ill to stop my standing which he does support me doing too. 


Kind Regards,






Donna: My County Court Order in Case 352 in the County Court of Victoria, overturns s44 of Australian Constitution that has discriminated against me since I was a child, so that I can now stand as a dual national adult in politics etc (04.05.2020)