Amerigo (Vespucci) & de Torres (Austrialia) (29.04.2020)



It's a shame the name Amerigo was changed to America because the name Amerigo is so much better and far more suitable in every way. 





They've missed a treat or two with I come from Amerigo, and I go to Amerigo and Amerigo on the go, and of course, Amerigo-go.  


The British must have been extraordinarily anxious to also hastily avoid (Luis Vaz) de Torres name of 'Austrialia' for the obvious reasons and hence their tall tales of Cook et al some 250 years ago on 29 April 1770. 


Aotearoa which is the 'alternative' name for New Zealand is also far more beautiful than the colonial choice.


I think I shall always call America, Amerigo now, and Australia, Austrialia.