Donna: British pseudo ‘science’ from predatory quack Bowlby circulated globally by WHO led to vulnerable children being labelled a “source of social infection as dangerous as diphtheria and typhoid” so they could be abused and exploited by adult strangers (28.04.2020)





... my whole self is my best self...



I was born into a ‘perfect storm’ of the British colonial Whites Only Australian Constitution promoting the global propaganda of pseudo ‘science’ through the World Health Organisation.


It is more than deeply offensive that people like John Bowlby derogatorily labelled innocent and defenceless ‘mixed race’ Mediterranean… children like myself, a serious “disease” as “dangerous as carriers of diphtheria and typhoid”.


There was a deliberate failure to have the most basic child protection policies in place to stop sexist and racist ‘Court Orders’ arbitrarily being made against vulnerable children like myself. It was only possible for us to have our entire identities stolen and to change our cultural heritage purely for the financial benefit of strangers who were adults who did not care about or protect us in any way, because we did not have fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover which comes with legal representation.


There has been serious and sustained substantial physical and emotional harm caused by the pseudo ‘science’ of Mr Bowlby.


It is common-sense, any reasonable and rational responsible adult would know it was self evident the WHO were peddling pseudo ‘science’ because no competent medical professional would ever consider denying… any child comprehensive medical information about their immediate family, all of which was by contrast known by governments.



... 'homeless' children...



Mr Bowlby notably didn’t test his crackpot ‘clean break’ theory on his own children or himself first, but instead built his deeply unsavoury ‘career’ out of preying upon and exploiting other people’s children, which he was only able to do, because innocent and defenceless children had no legal representation.


The real reason my true identity and multicultural heritage were changed and my own families details were hidden from me, included the fact there were never any legal grounds preventing me from returning to my married parents.


Over 300,000 children with multicultural Catalan heritage did go ‘missing’ in a global whitewash during the Franco era when he was Europe’s favourite military dictator who had been installed by the British intelligence services.


The only possible way children who are removed from their parents for any reason can begin to be protected from predators and the latest social or medical experiments in a world of at best transitory politics is by having fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover, which comes with legal representation.


It is physically and emotionally unhealthy and seriously disproportionate to forcibly disassociate a child from their true identity and change their cultural heritage, while also isolating them from any contact with any of their family members, all of which is punishment without law. 


My County Court Order to overturn the wholly arbitrary County Court Order made against me on 28 May 1963, whereby I maintain all the dual national rights of my family to live where we live and have lived, has the legal effect of changing the discriminatory Australian Constitution, so that dual nationals can openly stand for Australian politics now. 


Australia can only genuinely become a healthy and wealthy well balanced country when dual nationals are accepted in political parties, so that politics is truly representative of the natural multicultural reality that has always existed. It is illegal to forcibly change children’s identities and cultural heritage, which is the opposite of some adults choosing to deny their own cultural heritage to become politicians for financial reasons. 


My Court Order makes the possibility of dual nationals participating in Australian politics a legal reality, ending a long anomalous situation. It makes no difference to me personally how long Australian citizens who are dual nationals would have to have been resident in Australia to stand in politics, but my Court Order means it will be possible for young people who are Australian citizens and dual nationals to stand in Australian politics.


I do sincerely hope that Australian politicians will take the opportunity to welcome people who choose to maintain their dual nationality into their political parties, because all politicians do realistically know it is obviously inevitable dual nationals will stand for politics in Australia even if a dual national political party is necessary.


... page 157... "a source of social infection as real and serious as any carriers of diptheria or typhoid"...



The peaceful resolution of my dual national Court Order will also mean I will then be able to access legal representation and private medical insurance if I choose because the issue of dual nationality in Australian politics is legally settled.


The fact I am making my Court Order in Victoria means it is still a legal reality in all courts in all states and at the federal government level in Australia, because it is illegal for any Australian state or the federal government to arbitrarily discriminate against an Australia citizen, on the grounds of dual nationality. 


My personal view is it is okay the original house I was raised in which was part of Crab-Apple Reserve no longer exists, because I mostly lived outdoors myself anyway, and I like the fact the reserve which must remain a public space in perpetuity has mostly reverted to some native plants, although I think it would benefit from having all sorts of wild flowers.


I have:


a) since I was a small child, experienced the emotional harm of substantial PTSD


b) while the physical harm I have experienced as an adult includes a violent attack on me by an unknown assailant who punched me in the head and the violent attack by known assailants crushing my abdomen etc


c) all of which has on the balance of probabilities/beyond all reasonable doubt caused my multiple life threatening auto-immune and related illnesses.


I don’t personally want to be a politician, or at least not at this time, because I need to spend time learning about and experiencing all the culture I have missed out on, and my own passion is photographing the beauty of life in the natural world.


Therefore, I am claiming in lieu of lawsuits, a lump sum ‘management fee’ payable now, for Crabb-Apple Reserve in the City of Monash that is equivalent to twice the amount of what jobseekers allowance becomes on 27 April 2020 backdated for sixty-five years (although I am 58 years old) including interest so it effectively includes an amount for ‘superannuation’ etc too.


My personal insurance policy that might help me feel safer regarding any medical treatment in a hospital, given everything that has happened since I was born in Carlton on 10 February 1962, includes:


a) no state or federal government has any access to my medical records without my written permission, while I have access to my medical records whenever I like, as do my family with the same DNA


b) any medical operation I may need and might agree to would have to be filmed (which happens quite routinely to help advance genuine science, anyway)


c) my family who have the same DNA are able to have access to me at any time in any hospital


d) I do not give my consent to any medically induced coma following any operation because I always need to be able to communicate with my family and friends


I will nominate a person to collect my Court Order from the County Court for me before 11 May 2020, because I should not be re-traumatized by attending any court either.


The World Health Organization clearly needs quite significant reform so no innocent and defenceless children are ever referred to or treated as a "disease" ever again. 


Kind Regards,






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