DoNnA: Re: A government grant for NGO to manufacture & distribute free scientifically approved home testing for Covid-19 & to build a voluntary global DNA collection centre (20.04.2020)



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I would like a government grant to operate an NGO to manufacture and distribute free scientifically approved home testing for Covid-19, at least until there is a safe antidote, which will help people effectively participate in managing their own safety and wellbeing on a daily basis.


An ability to home test for Covid-19 on a daily basis, possibly in the morning and evening would help everyone on multiple levels.


The operation which could be publicised on for example Instagram, might initially be best managed through a central location in the Golan on the Mediterranean, which can manufacture and distribute across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


The NGO manufacture and distribution centre could then be used to develop a voluntary global collection centre for DNA to help facilitate increased scientific knowledge across all illness and diseases.


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