Donna: The global reality is many... families are naturally multicultural, so it is systems of governance & healthcare, not the public, which have to adapt (28.03.2020) 




... la famiglia... why should my identity have been forcibly changed when i was a child, to suit other people who were complete strangers, who only cared about themselves...




I lost my identity and all my rights when I was a child, because I didn’t have my own parents or a fully comprehensive medical and insurance plan that comes with legal representation, to protect me.


The legal reality is I am an ordinary person who “could” stand for politics as a ‘dual national’ in Australia, despite any royal decree etc saying otherwise.


My universal health and welfare plan which is my court order dated 18 March 2020 to overturn the Court Order on 28 May 1963 therefore means:


1. I have my own identity which is Donna and Australia which is my ‘country of origin’ pays me a lump sum, and an allowance which is at least 80% of the minimum wage in Australia, while I also have the choice of having all my medical care in my own home which is in France, or elsewhere.


2. I receive that allowance (which also comes with a health care card dated 12 March 2020) at the highest available rate which will be the same basic amount that has recently been announced to begin for ‘jobseekers’ on 27 April 2020 (@ $550 p/w, excluding rent) which in my circumstances will be backdated to 10 February 1962 (a $1.63 million lump sum payment with interest) and will continue at the new 'job seekers' rate as long as necessary or until I reach pension age.


I will then be able to make my own choices and the government/s will be able to avoid admitting liability etc etc.


The 'job seekers' payment will be made to me by the Australian government, wherever I live, or travel in Europe or elsewhere.


The State and Federal governments are then both responsible for all my 'costs'. 


A centralised governance and health care which promotes one size fits all, isn't necessarily the best model, some or all of the time, for everyone.


The reality is many families are naturally multicultural these days and it is systems of governance and healthcare, not people, who have to adapt.


The wages most people are able to earn in Australia, can be unlimited, so there needs to be a real safety net that protects most people with a job seekers allowance that is at least 80% of the minimum wage. That will help stop people being exploited by companies circumventing a minimum wage by claiming people are self employed when they are really treated as slave labour, who are not being paid the minimum wage.


There is no reason there isn't the choice to have most if not all health care in your own home.


Our human society also has the ability to easily feed everyone, before and instead of using so many animals who are bred and fed just to be slaughtered.


3. The Australian government’s legal requirement to in particular provide me with my choice of emergency medical treatment in my own home in France, or elsewhere, which includes all travel, food and accommodation costs, means ensuring I maintain the best possible health in my own home in France, so that emergency medical treatment etc can be avoided.


Kind Regards,