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Donna: I am using policy number AN399164 to have payments made directly to me, not the insurance company, because I am the one who had to overturn the Court Order dated 28 May 1963 with my Court Order dated 18 March 2020 (21.03.2020)


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The fact the British monarchy’s intelligence services supported the military dictator Franco to overthrow the democratically elected government in Spain, is the real reason many Jewish insurance claims in Europe from World War Two have not been honoured, because Franco stayed in power until 1975, and the monarchy have never supported democracy anywhere.


Those same British and Australian Fremantle intelligence services robbed me of my identity when I was a child, who was born on 10 February 1962, by illegally using a ‘court order’ during the continuing Franco era in Whites Only Australia, simply because the monarchy don’t want to stand for election but do want to pick and choose who does, which I proved was illegal with legislation they eventually had to repeal in the UK in 2011.


The legal reality is I do in fact and law, have the legal right no one disputes to overturn and remedy the court order made against me on 28 May 1963 that robbed me of all my rights, through a deliberate ‘abuse of [any] process’. I have been clear that any dispute would have to have been heard in a timely manner before a civil jury or an agreed dispute resolution process, with a recognised defence in law, that does not exist.


I am using policy number AN399164 to have the necessary payments made directly to me, rather than the insurance company, because I am the one who had to overturn the court order dated 28 May 1963, with my court order dated 18 March 2020.


I need a safe and sustainable life now with a real universal health plan that protects me from the ‘excesses’ of politicians and monarchies and only then might we all begin to be “in this together” because I can’t completely change all the intentional harm caused to me when I did get the short straw when I was robbed of my identity, that included robbing me of any medical information about my immediate family etc etc. 




I am legally sensibly claiming:


a) my real name of Donna


b) a lump sum payment of 57 years of backdated Disability Support Pension at today’s rate with interest along with continuing payments of Disability Support Pension,


while also


c) maintaining all the rights I have accrued for me and my family to live where we live and have lived.


N.B: The backdated lump sum obviously does not attract any ‘means testing’ with regard to my receiving Disability Support Pension, including on an ongoing basis, which I am also legally entitled to now too.


The government are further directed to:


d) pay the excess on any fully comprehensive medical and insurance policy I will choose and notify them of, directly to the insurance company so I can choose whatever medical treatment I like to have, including in my own home, just like the monarchy have had the benefit of being able to choose whatever medical treatment they have wanted, all their lives. 


e) pay any travel and accommodation costs, although I want to have all my medical treatment in my own home, in France, where possible.


There are no legal grounds to stop any payments I have requested being made directly to me now.


I am a protected person within UNCAT and there are all sorts of trade routes I can take to go home to my own home in France, now.


My Court Order dated 18 March 2020 is a ’full and final’ out of court settlement of my own claim, because my priority is to understandably just safely put what has happened in the past.




Of course, the ‘Crown Estate’ could easily underwrite everyone having a universal health plan of their own choosing.


Kind Regards,













27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!