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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I’d like to lease a ship or hitch a ride on a merchant ship to Catalonia and on my way, I could drop off food & medical supplies to Australian embassy staff & secure the release & evacuation of any civilians or hostages (18.03.2020)



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FAO Health Commissioner et al:


I’d like to lease a ship or hitch a ride on a merchant ship to go home to Catalonia, and I don’t really care what flag it flies, because I only personally travel in peace.


My best friend was in the merchant navy.


I would be able to drop off any food and medical supplies the Australian government wanted to send to Australian embassy staff along my journey and secure the release and evacuation of any civilians or hostages.


I am certain Tehran who know I am a peacenik, who safely visited Gaza in the real 1984, would release any British & Australian hostages to me and I would also be able to use a court order to release Assange in the UK. I told Australian embassy staff in 2011 when I was illegally imprisoned in Holloway, that I would happily break out from prison and film my escape back to Parliament Square, in Central London, which the government could not put me on trial for doing, because it would have to be before a jury, and the government would never be able to explain to any criminal or civil jury what I was doing in prison in the first place.


I have visited Belmarsh when a vegan environmentalist member of our campaign was illegally imprisoned in there and I helped him win his jury trial at Southwark Crown Court.


We didn't have the luxury of an entourage of lawyers.




I remember when we were illegally detained by police on one of many occasions and they told us in a ’custody’ suite that was full of people, to empty our pockets. I had done what my fellow campaigner taught me and filled my pockets with one penny pieces that I emptied on to the floor. When the police asked me to pick up the pennies I refused because I said they should not have ‘detained’ us in the first place and there was no known ‘crime’ of refusing to pick up pennies in police ‘custody’ you should never have been in, in the first place.


One of the biggest commercial markets in making the transition to clean renewable energy, is probably shipping, which doesn't involve spending $50 billion on building a dozen or so submarines with the French government. 


My personal view is the most that would happen if the borders with China were opened, is that would lead to an increase in wages in the transition to the Age of Clean renewable energy, which is about trying to help everyone have the opportunity to be healthy and wealthy. If I stopped in China on my way, I would probably pick up a few mobile phones and ask if they wanted to do any deals on building capacity in civilian clean renewable energy. China would also be welcome to loan some doctors to help out with the global medical emergency along with providing any additional medical supplies. 


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat


(aka Babs Tucker)




Donna Bugat -v- The State of Victoria & Federal Government of Australia: My [Draft] County & Supreme Court Order in Australia for my Universal Health Plan dated 18 March 2020 (17.03.2020)


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!