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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I am British Commonwealth UNCAT torture ‘test case’ with French ‘waterboard’ case in EU, that establishes... international law on right to criminal & civil… jury etc (17.03.2020)



... la famiglia...



I was in Parliament Square, Central London during the H1N1 pandemic in 2009 which I didn’t catch, although we were being gassed by the government acting in defiance of EU levels of diesel emissions, etc etc.


The British government and media admitted in 2011, I was unlawfully arrested "over 40 times" in the UK, while we were “being dragged before police and courts in increasingly ‘complex’ attempts to get rid of us”.


I am a UNCAT torture ‘test case’ with multiple auto immune illnesses caused by repeated and prolonged physical and emotional torture since I was an innocent and defenceless… child in Australia, who as an adult incl. now with serious illnesses, has never even been offered a flu vaccination by multiple states, because I have established international law on the right to a criminal and civil jury, even if I had to bring private prosecutions in criminal cases. 


My ‘waterboard’ case in France, where they could not legally turn off my water without taking me to court, which they did not do, is the test case in the EU that changes international law on the right to criminal and civil juries, and also protects freedom of movement for British nationals in EU. An EU Court has no legal authority to restrict my freedom of movement or refuse my court order about juries, so that case just needs to be 'cleaned' up through My Court Order in Australia.



My Court Order in Australia for my own Health Plan, that overturns the Court Order made against me when I was a child, restores all my rights, as much as possible, including to a civil jury, which would be the case in the British Commonwealth or EU legal jurisdictions where all governments operate in one form or another.


The best outcome I can have for myself in the true circumstances is Disability Support Pension etc as outlined in my Court Order, while governments agree their international Treaty among themselves, which is going to take considerably longer, but will help stop wars. 


In practise my case/s help/s reverse/s governments horse-trading over civilian populations.







My own medical records show I had multiple serious pre-existing illnesses and no infectious diseases, when I returned to Australia, and a member of my family met me, and I initially spent three weeks in a small ground floor rented apartment, in East Melbourne, which was easier for me to manage, while I properly reported all the details of my legal cases. I do not reasonably believe the medical profession have considered my best interests because they failed to even offer me a flu vaccination, despite my being in a vulnerable group, etc etc etc. I am therefore not a carrier of any infectious disease that could only be passed on to me, because I have not received proper medical care generally, because… governments horse-trade over a civil jury. I would nevertheless personally offer my DNA for free if it helped other people develop a vaccine for other illnesses.


The only reason I have never personally had a civil jury is because multiple governments do not want that, because I have legally lived within the British Commonwealth and EU legal jurisdictions, and that right is transferable, as are my accrued rights to live anywhere within the EU.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!