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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I am an UNCAT torture ’test case’ with legal authority to open borders for access to best possible universal health & welfare plan with clean renewable energy (14.03.2020)



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I am a 'test case' that proves when governments use repeated and prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment, including torture and attempted murder that also causes life threatening physical and emotional harm that damages the regulation of your nervous and immune systems too.


My identity is verifiable because I am an original scarface and Schrodinger's Catalan who publicly peacefully campaigned 24/7 on a real front line in Parliament Square, Central London, for seven plus years, despite my words sometimes being 'abbreviated' and used out of context in various public records by politicians et al in their courts and media.


02.06.2011: INDEPENDENT: Peace in our time ?: UK's most famous 'cause celebre' protest passes ten year milestone 


Shortly after I reluctantly gave that brief interview before going to stay by the bedside of my best friend who was in hospital in Bremen in Germany, where I was with him when he died, it was witnessed a person tried to smash a wine bottle over my head and punched me in the face, before the government were forced to repeal one legislative sleight of hand they replaced with another.


The British monarchy’s G20 are legislative states who are the biggest killers with an annual ‘silent’ holocaust of over 6 million preventable deaths from child trafficking, starvation, torture and war.


The legal realities acknowledged by UNCAT mean I am a torture victim, with serious illnesses too, who is not legally obliged to recognise socially constructed borders, and I do effectively have real immunity from prosecution. 


I am a test case who can safely lead to the best possible universal health and welfare system with open borders for everyone.


I can therefore notify the Supreme Court of Australia of legally reclaiming my true identity along with all the other rights I lost when I was an innocent and defenceless child, with my Court Order for an out of court settlement, with myself and my family keeping all our accrued rights and entitlements to live where we have lived and do live incl:


a) it is legally possible for me to live in my own home which is my modest stone cottage in my nature lovers paradise in France


b) which the Australian government would need to modify, including with the best possible available clean renewable energy funded by my receiving 57 years of backdated disability support pension at the current rate and with interest included


c) while the Australian government continues to pay me disability support pension to live on


d) providing me with and paying for access to my choice of the best available medical treatment and insurance cover I am unable to get myself because of what has happened to me


e) all my travel and any extra accommodation costs, because I can’t get car insurance cover because of what has happened to me and I am limited in my mobility particularly over longer distances, and depending on where I can access the best available medical treatment. 


That is the best possible legal outcome for myself and my family to quietly build safe and sustainable lives for ourselves and everyone else.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat 


(aka Babs Tucker)




Donna 'Black-Cat' Bugat: My Court Order can only be disputed by a civil jury convened within 24 hrs; no child should ever be alone & isolated from their whole family (15.03.2020)




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!