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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: It's entirely possible the intelligence services were using the stolen identities of children, in what involved all sorts of child abuse incl. identity theft etc (13.03.2020)



... la famiglia...



The following facts are agreed along with directions for a Court Order to remedy:


My name is Donna Bugat and I am a Catalan Italian British and Australian woman born on 10 February 1962 in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia, and I have to two adult sons Matt and Dave.


I own my own modest stone cottage (€89.5k) which is my home, in my nature lovers paradise in France.


I am an adult overturning the Abduction 'Order' made on 28 May 1963 in the County Court of Victoria, Australia (Case 352).


I was abducted by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who robbed me of my identity and deprived me of all my rights when I was an innocent and defenceless child in Australia during the Franco era and Whites Only Australia.


I was horrifically abducted by the same Fremantle intelligence services, who had been rewarded with raping a 15 year old girl by being given Western Australia to settle and start the Opium Wars with China, before installing Mussolini in Italy, and the military dictator Franco to overthrow a democratically elected republic in Spain to begin World War Two, during Whites Only Australia.


The prolonged abuse and violence I have as a result suffered as a child and adult in multiple countries because I was abducted, and deprived of all my rights, has adversely affected my physical and emotional health, incl. causing me substantial PTSD and multiple potentially life threatening auto-immune illnesses etc etc.


My personal view is my lifelong PTSD which was caused by repeated life threatening trauma including torture and attempted murder, has also caused my serious physical illnesses. I have the relevant medical paperwork that auto-immune illnesses are the origin of my own fevers, that also mean I am in a vulnerable group of people.


When I refused to join the military or intelligence services the man who posed as my godfather Tudor Harvey Barnett who was Director General of ASIO passed new legislation in Australia, in 1984, that sought cover their tracks. 


There is no reasonable belief the intelligence services who had already exiled me from Australia by that time, ever intended me to legally reclaim my true identity, through legal proceedings which could only expose they were abducting children like myself. However anyone looks at it the intelligence services were responsible for my being abducted twice in the Middle East in 1984, while they never told me about being able to legally reclaim my true identity through legal proceedings using what is seriously defective legislation that only served their interests.


The British monarchy are standing in the way of global economic progress that would benefit all of humanity, with their Beziers tyranny of “kill them all and god will know his own”.


Their propensity for unsurpassed greed as a ‘religious’ global ‘Head/s of State’ means it is beyond all reasonable doubt they would have lied if Jesus had married Mary Magdalene and had children.


I have been forced to live the life of a real 'converso' in our times, and I am declaring my baptism is null and void.


... the 'converso' children forcibly robbed of our entire identity by the state...


I have properly notified the Australian Courts I was subjected to life threatening torture etc and have provided a signed statutory declaration to relevant government departments, who acknowledge I am an Australian citizen and legally resident in Victoria at this time.


The legal reality however is that this notification should be treated as though I was still living in my home in France, because the Australian embassy in Paris were legally obliged to help me in my own home.


The Law Institute of Victoria do reasonably know their fraudulent submission made by a Sarah Bright to a political enquiry on 23 September 2016 in Australia about ‘forced adoptions’ is grossly negligent.


The courts do not recognise the ‘political’ language of forced adoptions because child abduction is an abuse of process that is not prescribed by law and therefore has no recognised defence in law.


The submission by the Law Institute of Victoria to a political enquiry, not only does not seek to right any historical wrongs, but also highlights their continuing intention to exploit vulnerable children. 



A reasonable and responsible rational adult knows it must be mandatory for innocent and defenceless children subject to legal proceedings that remove them from their parents for any reason, to be guaranteed the basic and fundamental checks and balances and safeguards of:


a) legal representation which is independent


b) a counsellor


c) fully comprehensive private medical and insurance cover


all of which makes it harder for the most vulnerable children to be abused and exploited, while giving them the best chances in life which is what is really in the best interests of a child who is 'removed' from their parents for any reason.


I made the proper submission in writing to the Law Institute of Victoria on 7 February 2020 for legal representation which they dishonestly publish they arrange for everyone to have a free consultation with a lawyer for thirty minutes about their case, which did not happen in my case, which they have ignored.



... the children didn't have legal representation... and nobody made any basic checks of any kind that would have revealed fraudulent affidavits filed by the applicants and their legal representation...


It's entirely possible the intelligence services were using children's stolen identities, in what involved all kinds of child abuse incl. identity theft etc.




Therefore the Law Institute of Victoria are legally obliged to pay me the lump sum equivalent of Disability Support Pension for fifty seven years at today’s rate and with interest, with an undertaking they will provide legal assistance to any other people affected by ‘forced adoption’ who will be able to make their own choices about their legal avenues.


The company front employed by the government I was referred to, that are supposed to support me, are therefore instructed to along with the Law Institute of Victoria arrange for me to receive and continue to receive Disability Support Pension from the government including when I am in my own home in France, which is where this case should have really been brought.


The baseline support for victims of life threatening torture etc is the Disability Support Pension, and only the victim can decide what is then right for them to do, because another person may choose to bring civil jury lawsuits etc.


The Australian embassy in France who do have my residential address in France will always be able to confirm my identity, and the Australian government will have to pay all my travel costs and the costs of any medical treatment I choose, anywhere.


The British government who boasted about their ‘trophy footage’ of six people using life threatening torture on me that was really attempted murder I only survived in the UK because my best friend heard me scream out, and they knew they could not get away with murdering us both at the same, was secured and exists and will remain my property.


The UNCAT declares a victim of life threatening torture does have unrestricted freedom of movement, because we do have a right to try and make our own safe choices, without others trying to judge us.


Myself and my family maintain all the rights we have accrued in our own right really to live where we have and do live.


Any costs of my changing any paperwork to my true identity of Donna Bugat will be paid for by the Australian government. 


I am learning how to try and build my own safe ‘Window of Tolerance’ with support so I can experience how ’normal’ people feel which is still quite an elusive feeling for me, because I was forcibly isolated etc when I was an innocent and defenceless child. I didn’t know there was anything called ‘dual awareness’. I need some further help from my own counsellor to make my own choices about medical treatment, because any and all trust in medical professionals was originally breached because they were involved in the abduction of children etc, all of which is overwhelming. Someone who has lived my life cannot be overwhelmed by other people's demands, that are really only all about themselves. 


The purpose of my own Court Order with my own personal out of court settlement is to also try and make it harder for... any government to abduct and torture any defenceless children and adults, which everyone should try and stop happening too. 


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat


(formerly known as Babs Tucker) 








27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!