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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Australia’s ’Chief Medical Officer’ can't explain to any civil or criminal jury "in here & now" a "govt. policy" of child abductions, torture & attempted murder, of people treated as ‘non-citizens’ denied access to any/choice of proper medical treatment (11.03.2020)



... in the here and now... what we do know is australia's 'chief medical officer' does not really protect australian citizens "in the here and now"...



I have actually reported... to the courts, it is seriously illegal for government agencies to spend all their time covering up how they still do really treat some people as 'non-citizens' with the same deliberate intention there has always been by the government agencies, to harm your health.


The already demonstrably biggest health hazard there has ever been to the most vulnerable... children in Australia is the unelected and legally unjustifiable British monarchy with their... abductions etc of children. 


The legal reality is the Chief Medical Officer would not be able to explain to any civil and criminal jury in the here and now the government 'policy' of abducting children, who were tortured and who the government repeatedly attempted to murder, because they don't like our true identity.



...i don't personally want to be abducted and 'assimilated'...



In reality what is so repugnant is it is all because the unelected monarchy do not want to stand for elected politics because they want to 'socially engineer' politics with people they choose instead, which obviously isn't a recognised defence in law to even put before a civil or criminal jury, let alone by a 'medical professional' !!


There is no reasonable prospect of proper access to medical treatment in Australia, from exactly the same people covering up the 'government 'policy' child abductions, torture and attempted murder.


The 'Chief Medical Officer' couldn't even stand in court and try and use the political language of forced adoptions because the courts do not recognise what is really child abductions which are an abuse of process that are not prescribed by law and so there is no recognised defence in law. It is not the case that the entire apparatus did not know exactly what they were doing. 


They are all out of 'plausible deniability' really, incl. because they didn't even have any 'health plan' for the children who were abducted. 


You don't let the abuser decide what medical treatment, they might "allow" you to have, which as the victim is your... choice.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!