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Donna 'Black-Bugat': My 'Common-Health' Peace Plan & Habeas Corpus in County & Federal Courts in Melbourne, Australia (10.03.2020)



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Dear County and High Courts in Melbourne, Australia, 


The courts agree the ‘political’ language of ‘forced adoptions’ is not recognised by courts, because child abduction is an abuse of process that is not recognised in law [not prescribed by law] and therefore has no recognised defence in law.


Therefore, please send me by email the courts Habeas Corpus paperwork for me to complete with my own ‘Common-Health’ Peace Plan which is my out of court settlement for courts to sign, and confirm if it can all be completed by email. 




The agreed ‘summary of facts’ etc is the State Governor of Victoria, the Attorney General of Victoria and the President of the Law Institute agree:


My name is Donna Bugat and I have ’mixed race’ Catalan, Italian and British cultural heritage as an Australian ‘citizen’ who was born on 10 February 1962 in Carlton in Melbourne, Australia.


I was abducted as an innocent and defenceless child by strangers from the highest echelons of the British & Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents and changed my true identity, hiding behind a ‘company front’ because I had no legal representation in the courts, incl. that was independent or any health plan to protect my best interests.


In practise I was maliciously prosecuted as a child because I had the ‘wrong’ identity during the British monarchy and Vatican’s ‘Franco era’ in ‘Whites Only’ Australia.


I have two adult sons Matt and Dave who were legally born and live in the UK and New Zealand.


I own my own home, which is a modest stone cottage (€89.5k) in my nature lovers paradise in France where I also legally lived between 2013-2019. 


I did not voluntarily return to Australia, so I am here against my will, while I am also seriously ill and there is no realistic prospect of my getting proper medical treatment in Australia (or legal representation, because I was abducted by the intelligence services as a child) 


It is agreed the prolonged abuse and violence I have as a result suffered as a child and adult in multiple countries because I was abducted, has adversely affected my physical and emotional health, incl. causing me substantial PTSD and potentially life threatening auto-immune illnesses etc etc.


My personal view is there is a direct connection between the prolonged physical and emotional abuse and my illnesses. 


The Australian politicians on all ’sides’ were repeatedly informed by family, friends (& on occasion myself) that my physical and emotional health was significantly deteriorating in 2006, 2009, 2011, 2016, and 2019 and did nothing to protect me, because they had always themselves contributed by abducting me as child during the Franco era in whites only Australia because I had the ‘wrong’ identity.


I proved the British monarchy and Vatican falsely claim they have ‘immunity’ to avoid standing for political elections themselves, while appointing whoever they like as politicians, with our repeal of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 in the UK. The history of colonial class and racial ‘laws’ that led to my own abduction as an child and adult because I did not have the equal ‘right’ of legal representation are well known.  


I remember I did ‘win’ a Habeas Corpus case in the… High Court in London on 14 April 2008, because I proved I have always legally lived in the UK, incl. while the government kept losing cases in ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation that was repealed in 2011 because politicians on all ‘sides’ dishonestly sought to (incl. retrospectively) claim they could rely on the Golan s(3)1 of the Criminal Law Act 1967 along with the ‘tort’ of ‘conversion’ to steal peaceniks and our property while falsely claiming they only had to at best pay financial compensation (which they never did) while refusing to free people and property.


I am reporting to the Australian courts it is agreed life threatening torture was used on me in an attempt by the government to murder me in the UK in 2009, before I was exiled to France in 2013 before British & EU politicians used a referendum to further try and absolve themselves of any legal responsibility for anyone like myself. 


It is agreed the British government boasted about their ’trophy footage’ CCTV that was nevertheless secured and does exist, that belongs to me. 


I am going to complete my own Habeas Corpus case in Australia so I can peacefully live in my own home in France as a free person with my true identity and the liberty to put what has happened in the past with my own ‘Common-Health’ Plan to build my own safe and sustainable ‘window of tolerance’.


I am obviously claiming my true identity and all my accrued rights for me and my family to live where we have and do live, although I do not personally want the right of return to the UK myself except to visit family. 


I am learning about how to build my own ‘window of tolerance’ with my true identity but I have to practise ‘dual awareness’ etc which is all new to me, so it does not come naturally, because I disassociate and particularly when I am stressed etc because of my prolonged PTSD etc. 


My counsellor, who is for legal purposes a professional and whose identity is covered by legal privilege and is helping me with my health plan is probably best placed to confirm to the court if necessary that I am “present” in the “here and now” as Donna with my own free will or I am disassociating because I am stressed and have PTSD, because I do get overwhelmed etc by too much, and particularly if it is stressful which legal proceedings regarding reclaiming my true identity with accrued rights while claiming damages are.   


My personal view is the Habeas Corpus route to reclaim my true identity is the legally correct and simplest path, and I would like to find a way to safely do that in a manageable way, although I do have PTSD, because I think my doing that will help me (literally) ‘take back control’ of my own life with my own free will. 


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat. 


(formerly known as Babs Tucker)



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!