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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: My 'Common-Health' Peace Plan (09.03.2020)



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My 'Common-Health' Peace Plan


My name is Donna Bugat and I am a Catalan Italian British Australian woman born on 10 February 1962 in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia and I have two adult sons called Matt and Dave who were legally born and live in the UK and New Zealand. I also own a modest stone cottage (€89k) which is my home in my nature lovers paradise in France where I also legally lived with my British boyfriend who currently lives elsewhere in Continental Europe.


I am the original exile.


My Common-Health Peace Plan is agreed to by the State Governor of Victoria and the Attorney General of Victoria and the President of the Victoria Law Institute in the County Court of Victoria because it is cheaper than the Australian State and Federal governments et al having my unprecedented civil jury case in any court.


Therefore the County Court of Victoria makes the following Court Order with directions regarding my out of court settlement:


1. My Common-Health peace plan is focused on my living with my true identity of Donna Bugat along with my British boyfriend in my modest stone cottage which is my home in my nature lovers paradise in France all of which I truly love, so it all needs to be safe and sustainable.


2. I do not want a right of return to the UK and neither does my boyfriend, although we may visit family there from time to time.


My cottage reminds me of when I peacefully lived in a tent by a lake in Northern Italy when my American friend and myself were trying to recover from the events in 1984 in the Middle East. I loved living in my tent by the lake in Northern Italy because although I did not know my true identity then, I did feel at home there among the peace and tranquility, in a family oriented environment. 


Catalans are closely culturally aligned with French and Italian people, and we think of part of France as Northern Catalonia.


3. The State Governor and Attorney General of Victoria et al agree I was robbed of my true identity because I was taken to court in Australia as an innocent and defenceless child without my having the basic right of any incl. independent legal representation to protect my best interests. They agree my experience of repeated extreme abuse and violence in multiple countries has adversely affected my physical and emotional health causing prolonged PTSD and accompanying serious potentially life threatening auto-immune illnesses etc etc.


It is agreed the ‘political’ language of ‘forced adoption’ is not recognised by courts because child abduction is an abuse of process that is not prescribed by law and therefore has no recognised defence in law.


4. The State Governor of Victoria et al agrees that in the future all children who are handed over by the courts to strangers will be guaranteed legal representation that is independent.


In return I will not now claim legal representation myself, but will instead have unfettered access to the County Court of Victoria to vary or change my Court Order with court staff as necessary, including by email or video link.


5. The State of Victoria failed in it's most basic duty of care to first make a health plan for me when I was an innocent and defenceless vulnerable child and they handed me over to strangers, and that never changed. The Australian government repeatedly ignored when they were notified by family, friends and myself on multiple occasions in 2006, 2009, 2011, 2016 and 2019 that my physical and emotional health was significantly deteriorating. The records show the Australian government knew my address in France where they sent mail to me dated 10 April 2015. 


When the Australian government effectively forced me to return to Australia in 2019 because they did know I had what by then were serious pre-existing illnesses, that were compounded by their neglect, I have been subjected to endless hospital tests in Australia, until I was overwhelmed and 're-scheduled' further hospital tests, over an increasing array of serious illnesses. I became overwhelmed because I have prolonged PTSD and other serious illnesses, but there is no co-ordinated medical health plan beyond possibly having to have an operation for one serious illness, because the multiple serious health conditions have not been properly managed, including to minimise flare-ups, which cause permanent damage. I often have a fever, yet I have never even had a basic check of my temperature, and nor have I ever been offered so much as a flu vaccination despite being in a vulnerable group of people with serious multiple auto-immune illnesses etc etc. My accommodation in Australia is not suitable for my health needs.  


My boyfriend has a serious illness where pneumonia which he has had three times is a life threatening complication but the hospitals where he has lived have not treated him properly and so he is only alive because he has managed to receive free life-saving alternative treatment from a friend. 


My immediate personal focus is learning in a peaceful and safe environment with support, how to live with my true identity and build my own 'window of tolerance' by using dual awareness, and managing my parasympathetic nervous system etc to try and improve my physical and emotional health, so I can safely leave what has happened to me in the past. 


I am learning about and starting to feel so much I have always missed out on, because I did not have my true identity or a stable and supportive healthy environment.


6. The State of Victoria will need to arrange for the Federal government to pay me Disability Support Pension immediately that is backdated to 10 February 1962. The Australian or British government will need to pay my boyfriend Disability Support Pension that is backdated to October 2019 at the same rate, as mine from the Australian government.


7. It is very difficult for me to trust the medical profession, and particularly in Australia, because of what has happened to me so I will need support to help build my trust, so I can make my own informed choices.


My choice at this time, is to have medical treatment in Catalonia (Cerdanya cross border hospital in the Pyrenees) or Italy, which can be arranged and paid for by the State of Victoria, and my boyfriend will need to be able to make his own choices paid for by the Australian or British governments. The State of Victoria and/British government will also pay our travel and accommodation costs for any medical treatment we choose.


We both have complex medical needs, which would not have happened but for the negligence of the Australian government, who have never treated me as an Australian citizen, let alone with any rights. 


8. I will maintain all my accrued rights of freedom of movement as will my family and my boyfriend.


9. I did not voluntarily return to Australia when I had to take a taxi to Brest in France, which is around one and a half hours away from my home, to fly to Paris and Hong Kong and Melbourne non-stop which was a far too long, and difficult journey for me to make when I was seriously ill, and it was possible for everything to have been sorted out when I was in my own home in France. My boyfriend who now lives elsewhere in Continental Europe is too ill to travel to Australia.


10. We both should have had and need proper support to try and live in my home in France, which the Australian government will now need to pay to modify to meet all our health needs.


While my home in France is being modified, the Australian government will need to pay for my and our accommodation costs of our choosing.


11. I will be able to contact my counsellor in Australia from my home in France and he will be able to help me with and review my Common-health plan as necessary.




I am a multicultural Catalan civilian who is an Australian citizen who can't be imprisoned, including in Australia, and so Catalan politicians who are imprisoned must be released.


I am not aware of any members of the British monarchy being Australian citizens, although perhaps they may self-identify as Aborigines because we are all from the same human family with little difference, genetically speaking.


My nomination for Chief Prosecutor at the ICC is the Catalan President (Joa) Quim Torra who could along with the Italian PM Giuseppe Conte oversee a peace deal between Israel & Palestine. 


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker)




















27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!