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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: A Catalan Republic is the peace and harmony rule of law answer to the violent abuse ‘of process’ of unelected monarchies who always had choice to stand for politics themselves (08.03.2020)



... 'la famiglia'...


In the County Court of Victoria:


A Court Order:


Without Prejudice


1. My name is Donna Bugat and I am a multicultural Catalan Italian British & Australian woman born in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia on 10 February 1962. I am the mother of two adult sons, one of whom was legally born in the UK and one of whom was legally born in New Zealand and I own my own modest stone cottage (€89.5k) in my nature lovers paradise in France where I have always legally lived too.


The British intelligence services installed the military dictator Franco in Spain, to overthrow the democratically elected government, before over 300,000 Catalan children went 'missing' during the Franco 'years' and the hysteria of 'Whites Only' Australia.


2. The State Governor and Attorney General of Victoria et al agree I was robbed of my true identity because I was taken to court as an innocent and defenceless child without my having the basic right of any incl. independent legal representation to protect my best interests. They agree my experience of repeated extreme abuse and violence has adversely affected my physical and emotional health causing prolonged PTSD and accompanying multiple potentially life threatening auto-immune etc illnesses.


They agree an effective child protection policy begins by giving children who are taken to court and handed over to strangers, legal representation for life, including that is independent, to genuinely protect the best interests of the child.


When I was a child there wasn't anyone I could tell, but now I am an adult, I am coming forward with my true identity and leaving what has happened in the past behind me.


3. I am a private citizen who did not ever waive my right to anonymity which was breached by the Director General of ASIO Tudor Harvey Barnett in 1984 while he was posing as my godfather with an undeclared conflict of interest, and later by the British government in the UK, when they leaked my name to the press in 2006.


4. I will keep, along with my family all the accrued entitlements we have to live where we live and have lived, along with our freedom of movement in the British Commonwealth and European Union, although I do not personally want a right of return to the UK, except for brief family visits.


5. The Victorian government are directed by the County Court to organise with the Federal government for me to have Disability Support Pension immediately that is backdated to 10 February 1962, while being further directed by the court to negotiate a fully comprehensive safe and sustainable health plan with me, through my legal representation.





6. The State Governor and Attorney General in Victoria, Australia agree that lawyers in Victoria (and therefore elsewhere) are released from serving at the pleasure of the British monarchy (who always had the opportunity to stand for elected government themselves) so that I can now have legal representation for life to help me make the best informed decisions in making my own choices with my own safe and sustainable health plan.


My personal focus is learning in a peaceful and safe environment how to build my own 'window of tolerance' with my true identity and support by using dual awareness, and managing my parasympathetic nervous system etc to try and improve my physical and emotional health.


I am doing, what any reasonable and responsible adult in my situation would do, which peacefully addresses the unelected role of Head of State, regardless of who is that unelected Head of State, because we are all one human family.


7. This will also mean that Australian politicians no longer serve at the pleasure of the British monarchy, so any Australian citizen will be able to stand for government, even if they are a dual national.


8. The courts do not recognise the ‘political’ language of ‘forced adoption’ because child abduction is an abuse of process not prescribed by law.


9. The politicians should agree to the American model of political leaders having a maximum of two terms in public office.


10. There is no immunity from prosecution for politicians.


11. The Victorian government cannot from a date to be agreed, use public funds to pay for the unelected role of State Governor of Victoria or the British monarchy to claim they are Heads of State.


12. The State Governor of Victoria and Attorney General of Victoria along with the Victorian government et al will recognise and record on all my documentation including passports that they will pay for that my true identity is Donna Bugat.


13. I will have the ability to add to or amend my court order as necessary.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat




Catalan politicians must be released from prison in Spain.


All politicians should agree their elected Prime Minister or President etc only serve two terms as a leader.


The Catalan President (Joa)Quim Torra who is a qualified lawyer, should take over now as the Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, and he can agree directions between the Israeli & Palestinian governments that leads to a sustainable peace deal that will then make it possible for all governments to join the ICC, which should then become a necessary pre-requisite for any new states to be recognised.


The Italian PM Guiseppe Conte who is also a qualified lawyer, should arrange for the Rome Statute to be amended so that every country who belongs to the ICC will vote on the Chief Prosector of the ICC etc.


Around 6.2 million children from all around the world still die annually from preventable 'causes'. 


People’s health benefits from access to a stable environment with peace and quiet, along with clean water, fresh air and food, so governments should spend either the same amount they annually spend on defence or what they would spend on defence on peacefully transitioning to affordable clean renewable energy, which will help reduce all serious illnesses. 





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!