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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I have immunity to peacefully end legacy of Amnesty from Franco era, by installing Starmer to secure legislative option of second referendum in UK, while abolishing Australian Governor General so Australia & Spain forced to rewrite Constitutions with option for Catalan & Aboriginal self determination (22.02.2020)



The British intelligence services installed Franco to overthrow a democratically elected government in 1936 because they saw the writing on the wall for monarchies in the run up to World War Two which the British Establishment intended to use to maximise future profits from the oil industry.



... i have immunity to peacefully end amnesty legacy of franco era...



I am neither Zionist or assimilationist so I know the Jewish State was created in reasonable self defence that was not contingent on the Balfour Declaration or UN votes.


The Australian Herbert Evatt who was Principal of the UN third general assembly in 1948 only voted for a Jewish State while Australians were still British subjects, because the British ‘Whites Only’ Australian Constitution did not want ‘mixed’ race Mediterranean or Eastern European Jews or Catholics like myself to settle or have citizenship in Australia.


I was abducted by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services when I was a child in Whites Only Australia when I was robbed of my ‘mixed’ race Mediterranean and Eastern European identity, and family so they could forcibly try and ‘assimilate’ me because they could not deport me.


There were over 300,000 children like myself with Catalan multicultural Mediterranean heritage abducted etc during the Franco era before, during and after World War Two.


I refused to join the British or Australian military or intelligence services so they could ‘legalize’ what they had done to me because I just wanted my own identity to try and find my own way in life.


The British monarchy re-installed the Spanish monarchy at the end of the Franco era in 1975 with the Spanish Amnesty Law of 1977 which is really intended to give an amnesty to the British monarchy.


The man who posed as my godfather Tudor Harvey Barnett who was Director General of ASIO then leveraged the Combe Ivanov Affair which was contrived with Hawke along with the second Hope Royal Commission into the intelligence services, while quietly passing their Orwellian ‘it never happened’ Amnesty legislation in Australia in 1984 behind my back, about abducted children like myself legally reclaiming our true identity.


I was abducted twice while I was in the Middle East in the real 1984, because they knew their deceit risked being discovered and facing a real legal challenge incl. because they had had legal representation they could not legally refuse me.


Three ‘mixed’ race family members died in Australia under Alexander Downer’s watch before he tried to deny I am an Australian ‘citizen’ on 13 October 2006 when I was in the UK.


I was the only person the British government perversely tried to claim on 22 February 2006 in breach of Article 11 Freedom of Assembly, could not campaign in the UK to try and stop terror, which was the same date the White Rose peaceniks were executed in Nazi Germany on 22 February 1943.


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)


The British and Australian governments have disgracefully sought to make an ‘example’ of me 'pour les autres' because I am one of the children who was abducted during the Franco era.  They belatedly removed my legal representation from Doughty Chambers on 18 June 2007 in the UK so they could 'forget' to invite me to my own appeal that had not been heard in a timely manner, they nevertheless went ahead with in my absence, all of which I had already proved was "void ab initio" in satellite litigation on 14 September 2006 that was subject to... civil jury lawsuits.


I did my best as a woman and mother to stop terror in the UK for the benefit of everyone, despite repeatedly being subjected to life threatening attacks, including torture, because I do know what it is like to be traumatised by terror as a small child.


The legal records from unprecedented ‘landmark’ legal cases in the UK prove the government never questioned my legal right to live in the UK, which however anyone looks at it, I did in my own right through naturalisation anyway, without relying on any taxpayer funds.


Starmer like so many others instead of fulfilling his legal duty to legally represent me, horse traded over the suffering of 300,000 children who like myself were abducted etc, with in my own case, the horror continuing into our adulthood like in Parliament Square, Central London.


He had a legal duty as Head of Doughty Chambers and DPP to support myself and Brian, not Boris and Corbyn et al and he did not fulfil his legal duty either.


I am a law abiding woman and a mother and I have a reasonable expectation of being respected, instead of people horse-trading over what happened to 300,000 children like myself who were abducted etc.


The fact I am someone who was seriously disadvantaged by being abducted as a child and robbed of my identity while being violently attacked etc when I was an adult woman in Parliament Square, Central London too etc etc, means anyone could do what I did with Brian, that we did do.


It should always have been Brian, not Boris et al. 


I have immunity because of what has happened to me and this is the best way I can peacefully end the legacy of amnesty others have enjoyed by horse trading over children like myself abducted etc during the Franco era.


I will install Starmer so he does his legal duty he should have done before. 


I will have my true identity I am legally reclaiming in Australia and the British government will pay me an out of court settlement from my lawsuits in the UK so I can live a safe and sustainable life.


Starmer will 'reverse engineer' the legacy of Amnesty in the Franco era by securing a second referendum, which should always have been a legislative option, while abolishing the Governor General in Australia so Australia and Spain are forced to rewrite their Constitutions giving the option of self determination to Catalans and Aborigines.


Tehran will not get a penny from Britain and neither will the Muslim Brotherhood because Tehran paid money to Corbyn knowing what he was doing to Brian and myself, just like the Muslim Brotherhood did too when they supported the free speech ban legislation in Egypt, I peacefully forced the repeal of in the UK.


The Muslim States should start supporting Palestinian people financially, and along with other states with dual citizenship too, while Palestinians enter into meaningful negotiations with Israel that leads to a sustainable peace deal.


A peace deal will also mean Jewish people like myself would not need anyone else’s ‘permission’ to be Jewish and live in Israel (I would never ask anyone else’s ‘permission’ to be Jewish after what I have lived through) because the Middle East will become more like the European Union.

























27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!