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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: 1. Amicus Curiae 2. Wednesbury unreasonableness test 1948 (& Carltona Doctrine) & 3. an injunction against racist fmr Australian FM & Ambassador Alexander Downer (21.02.2020)



 ... life without barriers...






I thought about our conversation the other day and am continuing to practise the ‘window of tolerance’ (I wish I had known about that when I was five years old !!!!) while trying to incorporate the new exercise about the parasympathetic system too, which is harder.


It is however good to now find it easier to at least make some peaceful thinking space about the important life changing decisions I am making.


To progress:


1. Amicus Curiae: 2. The Wednesbury unreasonableness test from 1948 (and the Carltona Doctrine) and 3. an injunction against racist Alexander Downer.


I now know the man who posed as my godfather Tudor Harvey Barnett who was Director General of ASIO in 1984 leveraged the Ivanov-Combe Affair with Hawke and was grandstanding with the… second Hope Royal Commission into the intelligence services, while quietly slipping through the Orwellian legislation in Australia about legally reclaiming my true identity etc etc which they just happened to ‘forget’ to tell me about.




It was absolutely unconscionable that Barnett publicly leaked his own name before and while not giving me back my true identity !! when even the publicly available information on my baptism certificate identifies that link.


It was on the former deeply racist FM Alexander Downer’s watch that three ‘mixed’ race members of my family died in Australia, before Downer denied I was an Australian citizen after I was attacked by the man on 4 September 2006 in the UK, which in turn caused a flashback to when I was abducted twice in the Middle East in 1984 and suffered catatonic shock etc etc.


(I remember watching the US military withdrawing from Beirut in 1984 before my American friend and myself arrived in Haifa and went to stay in Ashkelon in Israel. My American friend and myself visited Gaza which was nearby before there was Arafat’s Oslo Accord rabbit proof fences, and no-one asked us about our religion when we talked with young men around our age. There can be no doubt Jordan only originally annexed the West Bank and Jerusalem at the behest of the British government and not on behalf of Palestinian people.


It was only later we were abducted in 1984 elsewhere in the Middle East, that we only first managed to survive and escape when I safely disarmed armed men. When we were abducted for the second time shortly after, and I realised the group of men were taking us back to where we had escaped, I told my friend who was sitting by the passenger door the only best chance we had for at least one of us to survive was if the car which was being driven at high speed, slowed down enough going through a town, so she could roll out. However she was too hysterical which was understandable given everything that was going on and so when the opportunity arose I managed to effectively go over the top of her and roll out, taking her with me. That fortunately attracted enough attention, although it is unlikely anyone would have helped us, that along with the ensuing confusion allowed us to escape. The paradox is it was only when we were somewhere safe and she said the words, I had saved our lives that I was emotionally overwhelmed by the shocking realisation of everything that happened and so I couldn’t talk or move etc, although I remember I could hear her voice. It took me many years to recover from that as best as possible really)


When I was subjected to the violent life threatening attack by the British government’s ‘unknown assailant’ on 17 August 2007 in the UK when I was violently punched in the head, before I ‘won’ the ‘decisive’ legal victory on 13 December 2007, Downer resigned from politics in Australia. I later discovered that life threatening attack is the origin of the problems with my eyesight. I don’t know if it caused neurological damage etc, but it was an incredibly violent punch to my head.


When I survived the British government then using life threatening torture on me on 4 September 2009 etc, in the UK, Downer then hid behind diplomatic immunity as the Ambassador in the Australian embassy in London, while I was exiled in France.


The fact Downer uses the Australian ‘Whites Only’ Constitution which is inherently racist to label me ‘mixed’ race ‘Mediterranean scum’ who he bizarrely claimed is not an Australian citizen, etc etc is obviously ‘not a recognised defence in law’.


Of course, it is sadly proved way beyond any reasonable doubt the highest echelons of the intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents who abducted me when I was a child so they could change my identity to forcibly try and assimilate me, because the government knew they could not deport me from Australia, incl. because my mother was a British subject because she was born before 1949, never cared about me or anything that was done to me.


The point is I remembered there was a very peculiar malicious prosecution in the High Court in the UK of my friend Brian (that was also only trying to cover up I… already had a civil jury lawsuit over the same date in question which was 23 May 2006, when I was unlawfully arrested and never charged with anything)


Director of Public Prosecutions v Haw [2007] EWHC 1931 (Admin) (06 August 2007)


At the same time the Attorney General at that time who was Lord Goldsmith had also brought another strange High Court case against Brian and myself (I am the ‘Anor’ below) over an alleged ‘Contempt of Court’ that never happened that he was forced to resign over. The legal records show everyone was trying to keep the case out of a full hearing in the High Court, by purporting for public consumption that the courts suddenly changing the infinitive ‘a’ in legislation changed the legal route… just for us. 


The 'Jurisdiction' Issue:


Haw & Anor v City of Westminster Magistrates' Court [2007] EWHC 2960 (Admin) (12 December 2007)



... the 'jurisdiction' issue...


The government obviously knew it was unprecedented to bring their cases in the High Court when I had already won the “void ab initio” ruling on 14 September 2006 over the legislation that was eventually repealed, before my friend was found to have “no case to answer” too on 22 January 2007, because they couldn’t put any of us on the witness stand, because I did already have the civil jury lawsuit everyone was trying to hide.


The truth is the government incl. the latest Leader of the British Opposition Corbyn had also illegally concealed emails from 8 March 2007 from legal cases, that I only saw in 2010. The emails proved politicians were improperly trying to ‘influence’ the top cop etc over legislation which is why he was also forced to resign over the legislation, as indeed the whole of Charing Cross Police Station was disbanded from the top down when I won on 13 December 2007 over the man attacking me on 4 September 2006. That particular legislation would obviously have been repealed much earlier if those emails etc had not been illegally hidden.


Anyway, I reviewed the High Court case involving the Amicus Curiae that also mentions the Wednesbury unreasonableness test and the ‘Carltona’ principle which is ironic because of course I was born in Carlton which is where the British ‘Commonwealth’ government was trying to ethnically cleanse Mediterranean and Eastern European Jews and Catholics from.


The case in which the judges in 2007 refer to the ‘Carltona principle’ is about the deportation of ‘aliens’ ! and of course the British government first tried to exile me in April 2008.


I personally think the ICC was probably created because the British monarchy wanted to avoid the possibility of being extradited and standing trial over the ‘Franco era’ because it was the British intelligence services who installed Franco, and I am one of over 300,000 children with Catalan Italian multicultural heritage who was abducted etc by the intelligence services in Australia, during their ‘Franco era’.


The ‘Spanish Amnesty Law 1977’ I have briefly researched, clearly does not apply to my transnational case.


I now know the British government were ‘professionally embarrassed’ in the UK because we didn’t have legal representation in the case I am referring to in the UK in 2007 because the legal records show I had very belatedly been suddenly illegally denied legal representation on 18 June 2007 in ‘satellite litigation’ (where the government had originally perversely said it was illegal for me to campaign with my friend which was clearly in breach of Article 11 etc etc) and so they imposed an Amicus Curiae in my friend’s case that did also really involve me too.


The transcript shows when Brian asked Lord Pip of Maltravers “if he would fetter Jews speaking out about the Holocaust” the Judge looked at me and decamped.


The truly bizarre High Court ‘ruling’ on 6 August 2007 was we had better do a deal with the government or else !! which could only be taken as threatening etc and of course it was not long after that there was the life threatening attack on me on 17 August 2007 when I was violently punched in the head by the government’s ‘unknown assailant’.




1. I think it is probably best all round for the court in Australia to appoint an ‘Amicus Curiae’ in my case, who can essentially be a neutral arbiter of sorts to agree an out of court settlement that is put before the Judge, so neither party needs to attend court.


I clearly do not need the ‘permission’ of any court to legally reclaim my true identity, and I have obviously already been through too much in marsupial courts in the UK, so I think an Amicus Curiae is a middle ground.


2. There are a considerable number of legal issues around the use of state violence that are probably best dealt with through my having an injunction against Mr Alexander Downer.


I like to think that when I have legally reclaimed my true identity then I might be or feel safer, but I am not prepared to leave that to chance, and do not think that in all the true circumstances it would be sensible for me to do so.


I know my best friend Brian who died in exile really in Germany would want me to have an injunction against the racist Downer. 


Brian really was the greatest peacemaker of our times.


3. My own priority is as you know having my own true identity, while quite reasonably making sure I have something in writing that my legally reclaiming my true identity will not adversely affect my family members.


The Wednesbury unreasonableness test and all that.


My own priority beyond legally reclaiming my true identity, is simply to be able to properly focus on improving my physical and emotional health (which begins with and includes having my true identity !!) I just want to get the legal mess the intelligence services left, safely out of the way.


I did as you know ‘re-schedule’ hospital appointments on 14 February 2020 and 2 March 2020 to a later date, for the reasons I explained.


4. I am as I mentioned, relatively relaxed about spending some time living in/between Australia and Catalonia, so I am not asking for any explicit ‘right of return’ to Catalonia for myself, because I already have Australian citizenship whatever that means (and I was clearly naturalised etc living elsewhere)


I have thought about it and I think I am probably initially better spending time in both countries.


If I needed to go to the UK for a family wedding, which would be a really big deal for me, I would just make sure I had a ticket on me so I could leave straight afterwards.


The only honest thing the British government ever said about me on 2 April 2012 was “she will continue to ‘offend’ because she has no regard for the British Justice system”. The fact the British justice system has invaded most countries around the world means most civilian populations know the British justice system is not international law.


I am the miscreant who had the ‘Western Wall’ Tabernacle tents in Parliament Square, Central London, because it is true I never paid any attention to the ‘British mandate’ in Parliament Square, Central London, because the land was really left to the people in perpetuity.


Catalonia is the oldest outstanding unresolved legal issue, because the British Commonwealth and European politicians et al obviously do not support Catalan independence because they don’t want Catalans to go to the International Criminal Court etc.


I would personally like to leave it to Catalan politicians to argue over autonomy and independence, because I did really do my best to try and stop terror for the benefit of everyone at great personal cost when when I was in the UK, because I do know how terror traumatises children.


It is my personal view Catalan politicians are capable of peacefully arguing for Constitutional change, so Catalans who are historically multicultural, have the same right to self determination as elsewhere.


I now know the only reason the Australian government originally supported a Jewish State when the racist Australian Herbert Evatt was the UN Principal of the third Assembly in… 1948 when Australian people were still British subjects, was because the Australian government with their inherently racist ‘Whites Only’ Australian Constitution did not want Mediterranean or Eastern European Jewish and Catholic people like myself to settle in Australia because they could not deport us.


The legal reality is the Jewish State was built on reasonable self defence..   


I personally think it is fair and makes sense for a Jewish State to have Jerusalem as its capital if it wants, because the Vatican has the Sistine Chapel etc in Rome and Muslim’s have Mecca and Medina.


It occurs to me Palestinian people should have the right to have citizenship wherever they are living when their peace deal with Israel is made, because then Palestinian people would be able to make their own personal decisions too. It is possible Abbas et al are overstating how many Palestinian people would really want to permanently return, and particularly if they automatically have citizenship where they are now living, so they have the choices that are supposed to go with dual citizenship.


I suspect Palestinian politicians would also fail the ‘Wednesbury unreasonableness test’ because they say they want a state, yet cannot expect Israeli people to wait for a peace deal until it might suit whoever happens to be a Palestinian politician, because Palestinian politicians have always refused to consistently negotiate in any practical and meaningful way.


Tehran must have known what Corbyn was doing in the UK to we real peaceniks, when they paid him money.


It would be ‘Wednesbury unreasonableness’ to expect me to wait to fully resolve my case in Australia, until such time as Australian politicians might happen to feel like changing their inherently racist Australian Constitution.


The Australian Constitution is the single biggest reason Australia is not economically competitive with the likes of the United States.


I hope to personally be able to safely go home to spend time in Catalonia taking my little sister with the same DNA with me, because she still lives on in my heart and soul. It didn’t make any difference to us whether I am Jewish and she was Catholic. The multicultural Bugat family are and have been Jewish, Catholic and Muslim all around the Mediterranean and through Eastern Europe to the Central Asian steppes with diasporas in the Americas and Australasia.


5. I thought about it and it is probably easiest for me to receive a modest lump sum payment in an out of court settlement in my case, so I can live safe and sustainable life that minimises any need for me to engage with government agencies, which is better all round really.


6. I think it is beyond all reasonable doubt an ‘Amicus Curiae’ would agree the ‘Wednesbury unreasonableness test’ is applicable to my case really.


Kind Regards,













27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!