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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I legally blew whistle in UK before ‘White Fellas’ monarchy spun Assange & Manning (Gouzenko & Blunt) to hide ASIO abducted me as a child, because they couldn’t deport Carlton’s Mediterranean Italian & Eastern European Jews & Catholics (18.02.2020)



I originally legally blew the whistle on 13 January 2010 in legal proceedings in the UK, following many years of a truly violent undercover operation being illegally used to try and stop our peaceniks repeal of politicians free speech ban.



… an australian whitewash written in 2014 that comes from the likes of brits livingstone who was not abducted as a child by the highest echelons of the british & australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and god parents to completely change my identity…


The 'White Fellas' were maliciously prosecuting Brian and myself, when the American born current British PM was Mayor of London (at which point he still had US citizenship) when life threatening torture was used on me in the UK which was at that time in both the British Commonwealth and EU. There is a stark difference between myself and the all white fellas, Assange, Downer, Brandis, and the Australian born American citizen Murdoch et al with their entourages of lawyers !!


The white fellas British monarchy tried to cover up with their Assange & Manning etc spin, which was essentially the same as the Gouzenko - Blunt spin that was used as the pretext for the Australian intelligence services. The Queen's 'Art curator' Blunt trained the man who posed as my father and the man who posed as my father recruited Barnett and they all worked with Spry and Alfred Deakin Brookes in ASIS too.


I now know the ‘white fellas’ were also trying to hide I was abducted by ASIO et al as a child, because they were spying on the Italian Catholics and Eastern European Jews who lived Carlton where I was born because they couldn’t legally deport us.


The British betrayal of Catalans with the Treaty of Utrecht led to colonialism and the absolutely disgraceful Australian ‘Whites Only’ Constitution and Two World Wars. The Australian ‘Whites Only’ Constitution was the blueprint for Hitler, and the British admit they recruited Mussolini and installed Franco.


The historical revisionism that was published after I was in Parliament Square by and for the same people in the highest echelons of the intelligence services like Spry and Barnett hides they abducted me as a child and posed as my parents and godparents because they considered me ‘Mediterranean scum’ they couldn’t deport, so they completely changed my true multicultural identity. 



.. (i would know) the monarchy et al's recently written tall tales are pretty much a load of old cobblers, hiding their abduction of children while artificially lowering wages and inflating the price of oil, while people starved...


There are Bugats who like in the Pyrenees, along with Italy and Eastern Europe are and have been both Jewish and Catholic, along with Muslim.


It was devastating to recently discover the intelligence services had hidden their duplicitous legislation about legally reclaiming my true identity without any legal representation, because of their undeclared conflicts of interest. It just compounds the harm I was caused by being maliciously prosecuted as an innocent and defenceless child in Australia without any legal representation because I had the 'wrong' identity, before being maliciously prosecuted etc etc as an adult in the UK for being a 'royal eyesore'. 


The intelligence services et al wrote their legislation in 1984 about legally reclaiming my true identity (after I had refused to sign on the dotted line to join the intelligence services or military, which they would have used to 'legalise' what they had done) never intending to tell me about it or for me to know about it, let alone be able to use it (which explains much) They knew that legislation in Australia could only mean they were always at best, leaving their unholy legal mess for me to try and clear up. 


The entire state apparatus was used against innocent and defenceless... children.


The Australian Constitution really needs to be changed too, so the country really does become a progressive multinational republic, with a two term PM with the discriminatory s 44 which was absolutely unlawful once dual nationality was recognised, repealed. 





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!