Australian Whites Only ‘Mediterranean scum’ policy: Cardinal Pell maintains Vatican et al’s ‘vow of silence’ over brazen criminal offences of child abduction, trafficking & sexual abuse hidden behind ‘political’ language of ‘forced adoptions’ (15.02.2020)



Cardinal Pell was found guilty beyond all reasonable doubt by a jury in the criminal proceedings brought against him.



...Cardinal Pell (who is one of Blair & Murdoch the Papal Knight's, cronies) has really used the case to try and hide the fact he never intended to put any effective child protection policies in place, while the perpetrators of abuse like himself, don't like it when children who are abused speak out as adults...



In a civil case his failure to contest the facts of the case would have meant they were agreed, which should have meant a guilty plea in criminal proceedings should have followed.


He had unlike most people, unlimited money for a legal defence in criminal proceedings, to advise him and also have the opportunity to:


a) bring an abuse of process argument before the trial on the legal point he now improperly argues afterwards about uncorroborated evidence




b) give evidence himself before a jury on a witness stand under oath and be subjected to cross examination which he refused to do


Instead Pell (who is also one of Blair & the 'Papal Knight' Murdoch's cronies), spent unlimited funds refusing to give evidence under oath on the witness stand before a jury that could be cross examined.


It is worthwhile pointing out any reasonable and responsible rational adult would know the Vatican effectively maintaining an untenable vow of silence over child sexual abuse is not a responsible child protection policy.


Even worse is the fact that Pell had historically publicly taken a leading role in purporting to be against child sexual abuse, yet has through his own actions in serious legal proceedings against himself, shown he has not put in place any effective child protection policies that are in the best interests of the child. 


It is downright dishonest of politicians and the media to perpetuate the myth that Pell’s police interview was firstly sufficient evidence, that secondly served as some kind of alternative or replacement for him going on the witness stand under oath before a jury and being cross examined.


Cardinal Pell has only also proved beyond all reasonable doubt that as a senior member of the Catholic church he will protect predatory paedophiles with the same vow of silence he has himself maintained, while hiding behind a quite extraordinary array of other people.


It is abhorrent that Pell has through his own actions yet again portrayed paedophiles as victims.


At no point has the Vatican including Pell even remotely ever made the slightest effort to genuinely try and protect the best interests of children by for example consulting with and agreeing a child protection policy with victims of child sexual abuse.


There cannot be a parent anywhere who genuinely thinks the Vatican has an effective child protection policy.


Cardinal Pell has really used the case to try and hide the fact he never intended to put any effective child protection policies in place, while the perpetrators of abuse like himself, don't like it when children who are abused speak out as adults.


He has also showed complete contempt for any jury process involving members of the public he cynically totally sidestepped while instead inviting and relying on politicians, media and judicial commentary.


It is the same entire apparatus who committed the criminal offences of child abduction, trafficking and sexual abuse of children hidden behind the ‘political’ language of ‘forced adoptions’.


There is no chance a female child abducted in Whites Only Australia because we were considered ‘Mediterranean scum’ etc would ever have even been able to bring a case about child sexual abuse in any court because the entire apparatus is still maintaining a complete state of denial about… everything.


It is impossible to understand how the judiciary can even and have entertained Pell’s supposed legal arguments now, he could and should have made and argued before a trial and through the courts, first. 


The sad reality remains the only reason truly horrific child sexual abuse became so widespread was because the entire state apparatus was itself brazenly abducting children who were trafficked and subjected to child abuse, before the state belatedly tried to hide their own criminal offences behind the ‘political’ language of ‘forced adoptions’.


The state apparatus enabled and emboldened the Pell’s of this world.


Most victims of child sexual abuse have had no choice but to suffer a lifelong sentence in silence, which is something Pell and his ilk has never and will never endure.


The problem is not religion, but rather the fact that too many religious leaders, like political leaders are predators using money to abuse their positions to publicly grandstand, while really being inherently weak people who lack any moral substance.


It must be mandatory for all children in state care to have a counsellor, fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover and legal representation that is independent and paid for by the government to set a practical and responsible standard in child protection that really is in the best interests of the child.