Donna Bugat Global Clean Renewable Energy Non Profit Company (14.02.2020)





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Re: Meeting 25 February 2020


I would be the CEO of the Donna Bugat Global Clean Renewable Energy Non Profit Company which would be incorporated in Australia and accept voluntary donations and government grants from anyone.


The company would trade with the name Unlimited Sustainability.


The purpose of the company would be to contribute to responsibly researching and developing the best possible practises in the unlimited potential of clean renewable energy, while transparently sharing information with the public and governments.


The company would primarily employ young people from disadvantaged backgrounds along with young people on working visas, to help best share experience and knowledge as widely as possible.


The company would initially operate clean renewable energy home/offices in 20 countries around the world, with the Mediterranean base in Catalonia.


All employees would receive private fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover along with a company contribution to a pension fund so they could choose to retire at 55 years old.


There would be continual training and development programmes available for all employees.



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The company would also use donations and grants to purchase land and property that would remain in public use for clean renewable energy in perpetuity.


The company would aim to organically grow and develop small sustainable eco communities, while also accepting government grants to convert public housing to clean renewable energy in consultation with communities.


All company profits would be re-invested in the company continuing research and development of clean renewable energy, including through establishing sustainable eco villages which only used clean renewable energy, while creating other sustainable jobs including in vegetarian and vegan food production.


The company would hold open days for the public every year, along with a membership programme for people who are interested in becoming more involved.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat