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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British Commonwealth only use ’political’ language of ‘forced adoptions’ to conceal their knowledge there is no legal or constitutional context for the criminal offences of kidnapping, child trafficking and ethnic cleansing etc (06.02.2020)





... my name is donna bugat and my whole self is my best self...





A ‘Brief’ Summary


Re: Legal representation


1. I am legally reclaiming my true identity, which is Donna Bugat.


The false identity arbitrarily imposed on me by the state when I was an innocent and defenceless… child, has caused me nothing but prolonged serious physical and emotional harm and distress, along with accumulating transnational legal issues involving family members.


It is self evident, the British Commonwealth only use the ’political’ language of ‘forced adoptions’ to conceal their knowledge there is no legal or constitutional context for the criminal offences of kidnapping, child trafficking and ethnic cleansing etc


I am a survivor of child abuse by the highest echelons of the British and Australian military and intelligence services who kidnapped me as a child, so they could pose as my parents and godparents to rob and forcibly disassociate me from my true multicultural identity and family.


I do not recognise being called by the name the state arbitrarily imposed on me, and indeed that name represents nothing but lifelong state abuse as a child in Australia and adult in the UK.


The Bugat family name is multicultural across many socially constructed divides.


I am capable of formulating my civil claim, but I do need legal representation to confirm the due process of service and to get a court order for mediation with the relevant government agencies.


My true identity is the central issue to be addressed so I can safely build a new life with effective strategies etc. So, I am with support beginning a long and overdue difficult journey by a) legally reclaiming my true identity, which will b) open my own ‘window of tolerance’ to c) build a safe space for me to have a sustainable life. I need to be able to improve my overall physical and emotional health, which has significantly deteriorated because the fact I suffer from PTSD obviously worsens multiple potentially life threatening auto-immune illnesses etc etc.


I am learning new strategies to try and at least alleviate the effects of long term PTSD, which could also help stop the continual flare of auto-immune illnesses which are themselves worsened by stress.


In the true circumstances, it is stressful legally reclaiming my true identity, but having my true identity will also help me immensely in leaving the abuse accompanying the false identity that was imposed on me, behind. 


I am also looking forward to a wedding in my own family which is a really big deal for me.


2. A reasonable and responsible adult would know it is common-sense it must be mandatory for all children in ‘state care’ to have a counsellor, fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover and independent legal representation paid for by the government, so what has been happening to so many vulnerable children, can never happen again.


I am one of the real life victims of the pseudo ‘theory’ of Bowlby who was Britain’s Mengele. This means I have never had and still have not had access to timely specialist medical treatment, let alone of my choice, because the entire apparatus of the state incl. the medical profession was originally involved in the abduction of Australia’s forgotten children’.


I do not intend to attend the hospital for an MRI scan on 14 February 2020 or to see a specialist again on 2 March 2020, because any competent medical professional would know my recent medical records only confirm I have not had access to proper medical treatment in a timely manner, let alone so I can really have and make informed choices for pre-existing illnesses. Therefore I am certainly not currently amenable to any medical operation that could so easily have been/be avoided with proper medical treatment. I would not under any circumstances consent to a medically induced coma either.


3. The British founders of the Australian Whites Only Constitution who included Isaac Isaacs who was himself of mixed European heritage nevertheless claimed that people from outside the British Commonwealth and specifically Mediterranean people who had Italian heritage were regardless of whether or not they were Jewish like he was, effectively cockroaches.


The Australian Constitution promoted stopping the ‘contaminating and degrading influence of inferior races’ describing Italians as ‘once an immigrant, always an immigrant’ & ‘loathsome hotbeds of disease’ which made me one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children.


When people remind me I am an Australian citizen, I have absolutely no idea what that might mean, because I have never been considered a citizen, let alone who has any rights, most other people thankfully enjoy and take for granted.


4. I understand the British founders of the Australian Constitution were knowingly perpetuating their betrayal of Catalans from the Treaty of Utrecht, which led to the growing inequalities of colonialism etc.


5. The British white supremacist Australian Constitution was sadly without a doubt the blueprint for Nazi Germany and indeed any other nationalist military dictator, that led to the foreseeable Holocaust after so many centuries of expulsions and Inquisitions of ‘conversos’ because of course there isn’t really any religious freedom either.


6. I am not a British colonial ‘assimilationist’ or a ‘political’ Zionist, who all consider me ’mixed’ race, which is why I have been forced to live the life of a ‘converso’ myself, because I am a little bit too ‘wog and dago’ and the ‘wrong’ kind of Jew or Catholic for other people’s liking. And particularly when it comes to the disenfranchisement of multicultural Catalans through the Treaty of Utrecht.


I do not need anyone else's 'permission' to have my true identity or to choose to be Jewish.


The recent British referendum, although it was rigged has at least transferred the royal prerogative to the British PM and Parliament, so another referendum could easily be held to overturn the politicians own deceit too.


The transferral of the royal prerogative should also happen in Australia, following the Australian bushfires because despite knowledge of an unusual Dipole weather pattern, the Australian government did not deploy troops in a timely manner in a civilian role in Australia, which would have helped save many lives.


It is untenable for a monarchy who are not elected, to have unfettered state power.


7. I was essentially maliciously prosecuted as a minor in Australia during the Franco ‘era’ for the ‘crime’ of having the ‘wrong’ identity, while I had no legal representation !!


8. I was terrorised by a gunman when I was around 5 years old in Australia in 1967 which (along with other abuse) left me so traumatised I never really spoke again until I was around 10 years old. The first words of my own were I wanted to go home to my own family, which there was no legal reason for stopping me doing.


It was always obvious the people who posed as my parents and godparents had never wanted me or cared about me, and indeed openly discriminated against me, while I didn’t have my own family to comfort or encourage me or even enjoy spending holidays with.


I now know the intelligence services feared their deceit would be discovered, when my beautiful little sister with the same DNA was born in 1964.


9. What happened to me could never have happened if I had had legal representation that was independent and paid for by the government when I was a child and the most important decisions were made about my life, while the adults who kidnapped me who worked for the government did have legal representation !!


10. I personally believe in an autonomous and multicultural Catalonia with self determination within the Spanish Constitutional State, along with a Jewish State that was really built on the reasonable self defence of the autonomous peace and harmony of the rule of law.


11. I was not handed back when Franco died in 1975 when I was thirteen years old although I could make my own decision about who I wanted to live with, before I discovered many years later, there was no legal reason I could not go home to my own family, who had always wanted me and had effectively legally revoked the court order against me, in writing.


12. The British Commonwealth only re- installed the Spanish monarchy after the Franco era when he was everyone’s favourite military dictator who got away with it all, so they could continue the British led betrayal of Catalans. They knew they had gone too far for too long, because colonialism certainly does not represent ‘international law’.


13. I was assaulted by the man who posed as my father from the intelligence services when I refused to join the intelligence services and walked away, before I was shortly thereafter sexually assaulted by a priest before the intelligence services sent me to England where I also refused to join the military.


I just wanted my own true identity, so I could find my own way in life.


14. I only recently became aware the intelligence services had always hidden the defective 1984 legislation in Australia about legally reclaiming my true identity from me, because the man who posed as my godfather Tudor Harvey Barnett was also the Director General of ASIO in 1984 with an undeclared conflict of interest at that time etc etc. The legislation from 1984 in Australia only perpetuates the myth politicians et al can give themselves immunity.


15. I had sent the people who posed as my parents a letter from Israel in 1984, and had received a response basically saying WTF are you doing there. I am therefore aware the DG of ASIO at that time was responsible for my later being held hostage twice by armed men in the Middle East when I was travelling with an American woman. The Indonesian government briefly tried to stop me leaving there in 1986 when I was travelling with my own family and there was a dispute between the Australian and Indonesian governments.


16. My Aryan brother from another mother and father who had barbed wire tattoos on his arms had tried to commit suicide which the intelligence services tried to deny was anything to do with them, before my friend’s little sister who was recruited by the intelligence services resigned and they claimed she blew her brains out.


17. I briefly returned to Australia on 10 September 1996 to be re-united with my little sister from the same mother and father, on my way to returning to the UK with my family, before my little sister from the same mother and father ’suddenly’ died exactly four years later on 10 September 2000.


18. The ‘mixed’ race Islander son of my Aryan brother from another mother and father was executed on 19 February 1999 in a ‘landmark’ case in Australia in R V Osip that most people would understand was really a miscarriage of justice. The shooter was obviously told to rely on the non-defence of he failed to identify his target, so he was charged with manslaughter, rather than murder. The twin brother of my nephew horrifically died in 2001.


19. I now know the reason I was threatened when I briefly returned to Australia in 2005 when I was told to never return, was because the intelligence services did not want me to discover the 1984 legislation about legally reclaiming my true identity (that I only very recently discovered by pure happenstance) because the finger could only point at their deceit, because the man who posed as my godfather was DG of ASIO at that same time.


20. My experience as a 'naturalised' adult peace campaigner for seven plus years in the UK  between 2005-2013 where life threatening torture etc etc was used on me in a ‘Dirty War’ in Parliament Square, Central London, which through being abducted by the government an 'astonishing' 48 times, in many respects mirrored my abuse as one of the ‘forgotten children’ from Australia, where I was one of the ‘ghost’ children.


I did nevertheless as an adult successfully defend free speech in the UK, forcing the repeal of the government’s anti-competition free speech ban in the UK (ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005) which was supported by all political ‘sides’ while I was trying to stop terror for the benefit of everyone because there are too many ‘forgotten’ child victims of war.


My best friend I campaigned with died in exile in Germany in 2011, because the fact he did not have access to timely medical treatment in the UK led to a "catastrophic breakdown in his immune system" and my boyfriend who lives in the EU, was seriously injured permanently in 2012.


I did witness other campaign members also being tortured over the years, with one 'judge' sarcastically commenting on one occasion when another friend was tortured... because he asked for a lawyer, that "at least it was only a small pool of blood". I was literally kidnapped from inside a court during live proceedings in the UK, to stop me giving evidence in a Magistrates Court, before several years later the High Court was closed to the press and public, before I was denied legal representation to stop me giving evidence. 


There are numerous published 'landmark' cases of ours in the UK, highlighting quite astounding levels of state deceit.


21. I now know I was exiled from the UK (which they first tried to do in 2008) because the Australian and UK governments were both hiding the defective 1984 legislation etc about my legally reclaiming my true identity in Australia, which is what led to the use of life threatening torture etc on me in the UK and is the reason they didn’t want to settle civil lawsuits in the UK, which the High Court there did admit essentially amounted to a ‘class action’.


The current British PM Johnson only horse traded his way up the greasy pole by covering up a life-threatening attack on me by an ‘unknown assailant’ on 17 August 2007 in the UK so he could become Mayor of London in April 2008, before he was as Mayor of London responsible for the top cop and covering up the use of life threatening torture on me in ‘black sites’ in Central London.


The use of life threatening torture on me in the UK was the worst kept ‘secret’ in Westminster.


22. I am the original civilian exile from the UK who is an Australian citizen with Catalan Italian heritage, who lived in France for six years in my own modest cottage, in my nature lovers paradise I have truly loved, before being forced to return to Australia in 2019, when I became very ill etc etc.


I did not voluntarily return to Australia incl. because Melbourne is historically obviously like a major crime scene to me, which unfortunately has noticeably significantly worsened my PTSD recently. Therefore, I am now trying to learn and understand new strategies to try and retrain my mind to think differently to help me cope with the PTSD etc by telling myself when I am and do feel safe, which is all a little bit weird for me, because of course my mind has only really known and lived in a state of terror since I was an innocent and defenceless small child. 


23. I do need considerable help dealing with government agencies in Australia because of the simple fact they don’t ‘accommodate’ the real world practical reality and difficulties of my being a) one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ who was b) abused as a child in Australia and c) as a result had life threatening tortured used on me as an adult in the UK so within both the EU, and Commonwealth.


I am personally suing for modest reparations so I can ultimately go home to Catalonia and live a safe and sustainable life with my own true identity. However I don't see how I can fully have peace of mind myself, until it is mandatory for all children in ’state care’ to have a counsellor, fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover and independent legal representation that is paid for by the government.


This statement is true.


Donna Bugat










27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!