British Whites Only nationalist colonial Australian Constitution ‘founding father’ Isaac Isaacs, promoted stopping ‘contaminating and degrading influence of inferior races’ describing Italians as ‘once an immigrant, always an immigrant’ & ‘loathsome hotbeds of disease’ made me one of the ‘forgotten children (04.02.2020)



The earliest Australian Jews were mostly Ashkenazis who first and foremost saw themselves as British, with some supporting slavery and usually colonialism.



... i am rather fond of being a little bit 'wog and dago' and don't have the slightest interest in 'assimilating' to suit other people's prejudices...



The first Jewish Australian Governor General Isaac Isaacs who had a Russian-Polish father and British mother but was himself in all respects more a British imperialist than most British people was one of the ‘founding fathers’ of the incredibly racist Australian Constitution.


Isaac Isaacs promotion of British Whites Only nationalist colonial Constitution to stop ‘contaminating and degrading influence of inferior races describing Italians as ‘once an immigrant always an immigrant’ and ‘loathsome hotbeds of disease’ sadly made me one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’.


On any analysis the British colonial Australian ‘Whites Only’ Constitution was the blueprint for Nazi Germany.



"... an italian desires to enter the commonwealth..."



... "once an immigrant always an immigrant" (if you happened to arrive after his incredibly racist constitution)...


... Isaacs had argued that the White Australia policy would allow the nation to develop free ‘for all time from the contaminating and degrading influence of inferior races’.[78]  and ‘loathsome hotbeds of disease’...



Mizrahi Jews were banned because of the Whites Only Constitution.





Isaac Isaacs didn’t care about the reasonable defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law because he was a ‘dhimmi’ only interested in making money from colonialism. He never even opposed the deportation of some German Jews from the UK to Australia during World War Two.


His opposition to political Zionism was only based on his own ambition, and he didn’t care about the Holocaust because he only cared about protecting British imperialism and colonialism, which he could not possibly have believed represented international law.


He would have known a Jewish State was really founded on the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law rather than political Zionism, but he would never have admitted it, because that would have exposed his own political preference for imperialism and colonialism.


The latest Governor of Victoria, a Ms Dassau is among many other staunch ‘assimilated’ apologists for HM’s far from Commonwealth, who had to repay excessive restaurant bills from London.