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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: An autonomous multicultural Catalonia within Spanish Constitutional State that includes Jewish people, is Israel and Palestine peace deal too, because Jewish people do not need anyone else’s ‘permission’ to be Jewish (02.02.2020)



... the original partition was essentially the current peace deal on offer in reverse... because it effectively planned to divide and isolate jewish areas, while jewish people had no access to or presence in jerusalem... 



The Israeli PM and myself both have scars on our faces, but I have been seriously disadvantaged because I was robbed of my true identity, culture and family and indeed any and all rights as an innocent and defenceless child, which thankfully has never happened to most people, including the Palestinian politician Abbas.


The Palestinian leadership of Abbas et al who in practise rule by royal decree, because Abbas has refused to hold elections for a long time now, did not agree to the latest peace deal when effectively the same scenario was originally reversed in Palestinian people’s favour. 


A woman who was never robbed of her identity who identifies as an American Palestinian is a politician in the United States, so the only real effect of Palestinian politicians arbitrary refusal to agree a peace deal with Israel now, has actually been to prolong and reinforce a widespread false narrative that Jewish people need someone else’s ‘permission’ to be Jewish.


There is no way someone like myself who was robbed of my true identity as an innocent and defenceless child would as an adult be asking anyone else’s ‘permission’ to choose my own religion, which it would clearly be unreasonable for anyone else to claim I would have to do. 


A multicultural minority including Jewish people living autonomously in Catalonia within the Spanish Constitutional State is the same as an Israeli Palestinian peace deal too. There are far fewer Jewish people living in Catholic Catalonia, even with autonomy, which is all far harder to do, than there are Palestinian people who could choose to or be living autonomously within a Jewish State.


An Israeli Palestinian peace deal means people who identify as Arab or Muslim or Christian Palestinians can choose to live autonomously within a Jewish Constitutional State or as equal citizens in other Arab etc states. Any argument between politicians about how much autonomy people should have can be pretty much irrelevant for civilian populations.


The only real reason there are not more Jewish people in the world is because of so many inquisitions, expulsions and the Holocaust that perpetuate the myth someone needs someone else’s ‘permission’ to be Jewish.


Abbas either agrees that no Jewish people need anyone else’s ‘permission’ to be Jewish and makes a peace deal directly with the Jewish State (because Palestinian politicians have already done the whole UN spiel before) or he is just like the British Queen too, who has never wanted a peace deal.


The only sensible peace deal Abbas can really do is with Israel and other countries, so that people who identify as Palestinians can make their own choices to either live autonomously within the Jewish State or be given equal citizenship in another country, where Palestinian people are also free to be whatever religion they like. 









27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!